5 Yoga Poses & Moves to Strengthen Hip Mobility + One Tribe Apparel Giveaway!

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Today’s post is a fun one. First up, we’re talking about moves to strengthen & lengthen our hips, then it’s time for a giveaway!

Sometimes people think of strong hip mobility as something that only yogis and gymnasts should focus on. But the truth is, every single person can benefit from having better range of motion in their hips – from runners and weight lifters that don’t own a yoga mat, to people that don’t workout at all. Everything in our bodies is connected, and poor hip mobility can often lead to pain in other places in our bodies, like the lower back.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite yoga poses & moves that stretch & strengthen the hips. I do these moves pretty much every day – whether during a yoga practice, at the beginning of a strength or cardio workout, or even sometimes when I’m just watching TV.

1.) Figure Four Pose. Start standing, then lift one foot off of the mat, placing the ankle on top of the other thigh. Draw your weight into your standing leg, and sink into the pose, hands in prayer. You can do Figure Four sitting or standing, but I like the shown standing variation because it also challenges your balance.

2.) Pigeon Pose. This pose is done in most yoga classes because it’s great for the hip flexors. One way to get into Pigeon is by starting on all fours, bringing one knee forward and placing it on the floor just behind your hand, with your heel pointing toward the frontal hipbone of your other leg. You can sink deeper into the pose by bringing your elbows to the ground, and you kick it up another notch by rotating behind you to grab the straight leg with your hand and bringing your foot up to hand, bending the leg.

3.) Hip Swings. I do this move nearly every day because I think it feels awesome! Start by standing on both legs, then bringing one leg off the ground, keeping it straight and bringing the foot slightly diagonal in front of you. Swing the leg out to the same side, aiming to get the leg up to hip level, then bring it back down in a controlled motion. Try to do 20 of these without your foot touching the ground, then switch sides.

4.) Low Lunge.
I often will stretch in low lunge before transitioning it into Pigeon. I usually have my health coaching clients do this move during yoga sessions, and they always say that it feels amazing. Start on all fours, then bring one leg forward, bending your knee and keeping your foot squarely on the ground. Bring hands either onto the thigh, or up in the air, and lean into it to deepen the stretch without bringing your knee over your foot.

5.) Double Pigeon Pose. People with tight hips will find that this pose is easier than it looks! To get into the stretch, in a seated pose stack the right shinbone on top of the left. The right ankle will be on top of the left knee and vice versa, and the goal is to get your legs squarely laying – not hiked in the air. A lot of people can easily identify that their hips are more flexible on one side with this stretch.

There you have it, 5 of my favorite hip strengthening moves! The clothing that I’m wearing in these photos is from One Tribe Apparel, and today we’re doing a giveaway of their cute products! The winner will get to choose a pair of One Tribe harem pants, a kimono, or yoga strap that they’d like to receive.

One Tribe Apparel is a small team working with local artisans in northern Thailand, giving back by supporting elephant rescue & rehab in the area. I was drawn to them because of their comfy looking, bohemian styles, and because I adore elephants and support animal rescue of all kinds. I treasure the time that I got to spend in Thailand on vacation, and One Tribe’s clothing reminds me of the beautiful country!

To enter the giveaway, do any or all of the Rafflecopter methods below. The giveaway is open to U.S. readers only, and I will choose a winner next Wednesday, 3/15.

{The One Tribe Apparel clothing featured is their Midnight Purple Festive Elephant Harem Pants + Black and Red Peacock Kimono.}

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26 thoughts on “5 Yoga Poses & Moves to Strengthen Hip Mobility + One Tribe Apparel Giveaway!

    1. foodielovesfitness Post author

      Your hips are an area that must like tightening up… so good for you for making sure to stretch them afterwards. If I were you I’d also do some dynamic hip stretches like hip swings beforehand as well… Keep those babies nice & loose!

  1. marcie

    I need to do more yoga! I say that all the time. I truly need to get more flexible, and my hips feel stiff a lot. Thanks for the great tips to help with that!

    1. foodielovesfitness Post author

      Trust me when I say that people tell me that all the time – you’re not alone! I think the key is to realizing that you don’t need to do a whole session. Even just 10 minutes a couple times a week while you’re watching TV will help improve flexibility!

  2. David @ Spiced

    You are so totally right that everyone can use better hip flexibility! That low lunge actually looks a lot like the position we’re in when curling. I always stretch before and after games, but I’m going to try some of these positions before tonight’s game! By the end of the season, I always laugh and say I’ve got ‘curler’s hip’ or ‘curler’s ankle’ because both start to hurt. Thanks for sharing…and for the fun giveaway! Laura does yoga from time to time, and I think she would be all about those Plum Peacock Harem Pants! šŸ™‚

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