Homemade Snacks to Bring Camping

If you know me at all, you know that my packing for a trip always involves food. Even if I’m going to a gorgeous hotel in Italy where I’ll be eating my weight in pasta, I still bring some snacks for the travel there. This is because A.) I get hungry a lot, B.) I’m not happy when I’m hangry, C.) You never know when you’ll be stuck somewhere with zero even remotely healthy food choices, and D.) I like to snack and have a paranoia about starving to death. Sounds a bit dramatic, but I think this relates back to my mom and grandma always pushing offering food to everyone, making way too much food for meals and always having snacks on-hand.

Camping Snacks

So you can imagine my thought process when packing for our camping trip to Catalina Island. I was all:

“What are we going to eat the whole time?”

“What if we run out of food?”

We were bringing just the basic camping gear with no fancy pans or pots to make food in, so I really needed to come up with a couple of ideas of things to bring that didn’t need to be refrigerated, would hold up well for days, and would keep myself and my hungry man alive and well. Another big factor was the fact that we were backpacking and hiking a lot, so we couldn’t have a ton of food or anything too heavy.

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[My Life Lately] Wining & Dining All Over Jersey

Hey there! Happy Hump Day!

I’ve now been in Jersey for 12 days spending time with a lot of loved ones. My weekdays mornings and afternoons have been kind of normal in that I’m working from home, only instead of having my dog Harley by my side and being in my own home, I’m working from my parents’ and have this new puppy as my companion:

Jada Collage

Her name is Jada, and my parents rescued her a couple of weeks ago from what we suspect may have been a dogfighting situation. She’s a puppy somewhere around 6 months old, and her and I have become the best of friends. She’s a very sweet girl and a big cuddler, and I’ve been working on helping my parents start to train her. Dog abuse and neglect situations break my heart, and I’m glad that Jada will have a lifetime full of snuggles with loving human beings and a cozy bed away from any harm!

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10 Yoga Poses I’m Loving

Hi friends! Today I’m talking about the most relaxing form of exercise I do: yoga.

yoga quote

On average I do yoga once or twice a week, but lately I’ve been wanting to devote more time to my practice. Yoga is all about embracing where you’re at, but at the same time, I’d like to do so while also focusing on how I can improve my practice. In the spirit of stepping my yoga game up, today I’m sharing 10 of my favorite yoga poses. Let’s get to it!

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Veggie Tofu Stir Fry with Brown Rice

Happy, happy Friday!

Hope that you all have some fabulous plans for the weekend. I’ve had a great week in Jersey hanging out with family and girlfriends, and have some fun plans that I’m looking forward to for the weekend. My week has been full of good food, and there are definitely certain eateries that I simply must hit up when I’m in town. One of those places is Veggie Heaven (my post on the restaurant can be viewed here), which I just chowed down on for dinner:

Veggie Heaven

(I’m digging my fortune!)

And speaking of yummy, healthy Asian food, I have a new recipe to share today! 

Asian Stir Fry-3

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{Review} Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book

“The more consistent you are with [your] choices, the closer you come to being the happy, healthy, beautiful, glowing woman that you want to be. Being healthy and well is a lifelong endeavor. It’s important to establish a relationship with your body, to understand what its needs are and how to fulfill those needs. To connect to how your choices affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

I love a good book, but between work, blogging, and school, I find myself with not much time to read. Or when I do have time to give myself a few hours of relaxation at night, I just want to do something that requires little brainpower, like watch trashy TV. But at any given time, I’m in the middle of reading multiple interesting books. Sometime it takes me months upon months to finish them, but I usually get to the end at some point. Today I want to talk about a read that I recently finished: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz.

the body book

From the start, I was in love with this book. In a society where so many women are struggling with body image, loathing their hunger, and dreaming of looking like someone else, Cameron Diaz’s book comes from a place of self-love and empowering vibes — putting the focus on our own strengths, our own capabilities, our own beauty. She calls it “a guide to accepting what you have and loving it with everything you’ve got,” breaking down topics like nutrition, hunger, and movement into digestive, easy-to-read bits.  As she puts it, “It’s a guide to maximizing your strength and endurance so that your body can take you everywhere you want to go in life: to all of your success, to the love of your life, to your passions and adventures.”

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Three Awesome Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil

I grew up in a household where more natural health remedies were common: I remember that when we got a cold, my mom used to have us put drops of echinacea in orange juice (I also remember it being nasty!) and gargle with warm salt water to cure any sore throat that started coming on. She usually cleaned with a spray bottle containing a simple mix of water and white vinegar. Funny enough, as I’m typing this while I’m visiting my family, I looked over to see this spray bottle on my mom’s kitchen counter:

vinegar bottle

In my adulthood, I too find myself looking to more natural solutions, with everything from the cure for a rash to what I clean my house with. That’s why when Apothecary Extracts reached out to me asking if I’d like to try their 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, I happily agreed. I actually remember my mom having me use tea tree oil for something as a kid (though I can’t remember exactly what), and wanted to try it out as an adult.

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Friday Random Ramblings

Hello friends!

I thought I’d keep it light on this lovely Friday and entertain you guys with some random thoughts… so here we go!

Plane route

1.) Today I’m flying to the east coast to see my family and friends. My hubby’s cousin is getting married in a few weeks, so we were planning on heading out to attend that, and then I decided to go back earlier to stay at my parents’ for awhile and spend time with everyone. I’m pretty excited!


2.) Harley makes me laugh pretty much every day. The other night I was in the kitchen doing something, and I looked up to see her walking across the floor to get a drink of water with her blanket completely wrapped over her. Sometimes she rolls around and gets all snuggled in it, and it totally reminds me of a person with a Snuggie on or something. On her way back to go plop on my living room floor, I was trying to get her attention to snap a picture, and she looked at me like, “What’s so funny lady?” If she could talk, I’m pretty confident she’d be one sassy biatch.

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Hiking & Camping on Catalina Island

Happy October!

Tomorrow marks 5 years since I married my man. Normally I’m not huge on anniversary celebrations, but since 5 years feels like a milestone, I wanted to commemorate the occasion by doing something memorable and fun together.

Instead of going on a relaxing weekend getaway to wine country or something obviously romantic like most normal couples probably do, us nuts decided to embark on what turned out to be the toughest endurance challenge of my life hiking around Catalina Island. Buckle up for this long weekend recap friends – it was most definitely an adventure with a roller coaster of emotions!
Catalina harbor

Catalina is a gorgeous little island off the coast of SoCal that has this sort of Mediterranean vibe to it. I visited there for the first time earlier this year with my mom for just a day trip, and wanted to go back with A to show him this cool place.

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An Update on My Life as a Homeowner

Hey there! Hope that you had a fabulous weekend. My weekend was pretty wild (literally – I spent it in the wild!), but more on that later this week.

Since I’ve been a homeowner now for 4 months (whew, where has the time gone?!) and some of you have asked for decor updates, I thought I’d talk today about what life has been like on the house front and show you a few highlights of my place. I’ve certainly been loving life in Southern California since making the decision to move back!


My favorite room in my house is definitely the kitchen, not that this is a surprise to anyone. It’s nice and open with plenty of room, which I can especially appreciate having lived in an apartment with a tiny kitchen in the past.


The house came with wall shelves in the kitchen, which I promptly decorated with my many, many wine glasses. I also have a wine rack and tapestry in another part of the kitchen, and there’s lots of other wine decor around. This room makes the wino in me very happy!

Kitchen Collage

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An Exciting Health Coaching Announcement!

Hi friends!

Today’s post topic is fun stuff you guys, so let’s get to it!

As some of you already know, I became a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach last January. I had gotten to this point where I had become fully aware of just how passionate I am about healthy living, and I wanted to somehow spend more of my energy in the wellness field. When I heard about IIN, it immediately clicked for me. My intuition told me that the school would be a perfect fit, and without giving it much time or too much thought, I enrolled.

The IIN Mission Statement

The IIN Mission Statement

Over the course of the year, I’ve been enthralled in the world of heath coaching. The reality of it is that I’ve been unofficially counseling my friends and family for years on how they can be healthier and happier, and the idea of working with others as a wellness professional to help them create their best lives is exhilarating to me. I’m thrilled to be making health coaching an official title of mine, and I can’t wait to get started….

Nicole Crane Health - Logo

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