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7 of My Go-To Healthy Habits While Traveling

Hello, hello!

I’m back home in California after a successful work trip in Las Vegas, followed by 5 days full of family celebrating my brother getting married in New Jersey. It was quite the trip, and as per usual, I’m feeling like I love traveling, but I also love coming home. I’m ready to be home without life being quite so chaotic as it has been the past month!

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On my flight home last night, I started thinking about the healthy habits that I routinely do when I’m on the road. I tend to splurge more when I’m traveling [translation: eat dessert a lot and enjoy alcoholic beverages daily!] than I do when I’m home, and these habits help to offset those extra things & make me feel healthy & happy. Here are 7 of my tips & tricks!

1.) I stay super active. My workouts tend to be different when I’m traveling. I may not have my bike trainer, favorite fitness studios, or workout DVDs with me, but I always scope out my exercise options. At my Vegas hotel last week, I woke up early to get a gym workout in, and it wound up being an awesome workout (and the first time I set foot in a normal gym in 2017). The only negative to that was that I wound up nice & sore for a very long work day on my feet the next day!

Whenever I visit my parents, I take their dogs for walks, since I’m not getting my daily walks in with my own pup. If I’m exploring a city, I try to walk or bike around. Not only does it give me different perspectives than taking a taxi or whatever else, I get my steps in for the day. It’s a win, win!

2.) I bring Vitamin C drinks with me to have daily. As much as I love traveling, I kind of dislike planes in the sense that I’m stuck in a small space with the germs of hundreds of other people. Someone is always bound to be coughing nonstop, and it’s no coincidence that I get sick only during/after travel. So, I bring Emergen-C supplement packets with me to give me a nice dose of Vitamin C and other vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

3.) I consciously eat enough fruits & veggies. I definitely treat myself when I’m traveling, especially when I’m back in my hometown – where I like having my childhood favorites. Last week I had ice cream from my favorite joint in town, as well as pizza from a place we frequently ordered food from as a kid. But, I also make sure to eat a bunch of servings of veggies & fruits every day no matter what: I’ll nab a few bananas to eat in my hotel room with single serving almond butter packets I’ve packed for breakfast. If I haven’t had any veggies yet in the day, I’ll order a salad or veggie soup as a dinner starter. If I’m in the mood for a pasta dish at a restaurant, I’ll order pasta with some sort of veggies, or I’ll custom order spinach or broccoli to the dish.

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5 Ways I Save Money While Traveling

Hello, and Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

The highlight of my weekend was visiting Temecula wine country with my hubby. I just love the vineyards right before harvest – lots of grapes ready to be picked and made into wine!

Leoness Cellars grapes-Aug 2016

This is a short workweek for me – really short. I’m in the office today, and then tomorrow I’m flying 12 hours to Ireland for vacation for the rest of the week! I’m sure today will be a busy Monday full of wrapping up work things and packing, and I also have my Fantasy Football Draft this evening (Woohoo for the start of football season being upon us!).

I truly love to travel. I love everything about a trip – from the planning and booking aspect of it, to exploring, adventuring, and experiencing, and even the coming back home and getting back to normalcy part.

A photo while in Venice, the last time I was in Europe

A photo while in Venice, the last time I was in Europe

While I’m not a clipping coupons type of saver, I certainly enjoy a good deal and like to save money when I can in my travels. This trip I’m actually meeting up with family and crashing in a hotel room with my mom and sister. I think it’ll give us more time together and I’ll also save money, so it’s a win-win!

There are some routine things that I do when traveling to save a few bucks here and there, and today I thought I’d share them with you. Let’s get to it!

1. Skip breakfasts out. When on a trip, I usually eat breakfast in my hotel room because 1.) it saves $$, 2.) it’s quick, so I can get a head start on exploring wherever I am, and 3.) it’s bound to be a healthy start to the day. I typically pack things like bring protein bars and dried fruit from home. For instance, I’m planning on packing some rice cakes + peanut butter for Ireland, and in Mexico earlier this summer, I bought a box of cereal when I first arrived to munch on during my mornings there.

IDEA World-bar snack

2. Bring snacks from home. This is similar to the first one, but I always bring a lot of munchies with me when I travel. It saves me some hangry emergencies, and I know that I’ll always have something healthy to eat – especially when traveling to places that might not exactly be known as being health conscious and/or vegetarian friendly. My snacks always seems to come in handy when I’m in my hotel room getting ready for dinner as a little something to hold me over for an hour or two.

3. Look out for promos & deals. I definitely don’t mind spending money to do something really cool, but I also keep my eyes open for a good deal. Sometimes you can haggle with tour groups for last-minute excursions or get a deal if you book more than one excursion with the same company. Sometimes hotels collaborate with local businesses to steer you their way and offer discounts.

Infinity pool fun in Cabo San Lucas

My husband and me enjoying the infinity pool & swim up bar at Hacienda Encantada in Cabo

When I went to Mexico earlier this summer, we booked it through our timeshare at a really low cost. The timeshare company will often have promotions that are really great for travel a couple weeks out, so if the occasion arises where we can pick up and go, I always am on the lookout for timeshare deals. I also check out booking sites like Orbitz for deals and promotion codes. The incessant emails from them can get annoying, but then when I save 20% on my hotel using a code they emailed me, it’s worth it!

4. Bring a water bottle from home. I like to pack my reusable water bottle in my bag so that I can fill it up throughout the trip whenever I get a chance. In my experience, restaurants are happy to fill it up in the airport, where water is like $5 a pop. Most hotels that I’ve stayed at have cold water for use in the lobby or in the gym. Since I drink a ton of water, I otherwise find myself buying bottle after bottle during the trip.

Champagne by the sea in Mexico

Champagne by the sea in Mexico

5. Take advantage of free events. I can think of three different hotels I’ve stayed at this year – on my trips to Sonoma, Las Vegas, and Cabo San Lucas – that offer complimentary happy hours. Some also offer munchies that can be a late afternoon snack when you’re coming back from your daytime activities, or an appetizer on your way out for the night. I take advantage of these events whenever I can because…free booze! Need I say more? 

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8 Ways to Be Healthier While Traveling

Hello, hello!

Can you guys believe that we’re already towards the end of July? It seems like the summer is just whizzing by!

headstand play at sunset

Next weekend starts the beginning of a month of travel for me. First, I leave for the east coast to spend time with my family and friends out there for a few weeks. My hubby was already scheduled to take a trip to Philly for a weeklong class to start his Masters degree at Temple University, so it seemed like a good time for me to head east too. I’ll be based at my parents’ house in Jersey, but will also traveling around the state to visit in-laws and friends, heading to Philly a few times to see my hubby, and will probably visit NYC once or twice.

Then, I come back to Cali for a week of normalcy before heading out to Ireland. I’ve never been there before and am excited to go! I’m expecting lots of greenery, pubs, and castles, and will of course keep you guys in the loop about what I’m doing in Dublin and around the country. If anyone has must-see recommendations, please let me know!

Photo via Ireland.com

Photo via Ireland.com

I adore traveling. It’s a passion of mine to see and explore new places. But traveling can certainly make it more of a challenge to live a healthy lifestyle. Since it’s important to me to consistently feel my best, I’ve developed some healthy habits that serve as guidelines during my experiences traveling. Here are 8 ways that I stay super healthy while traveling!

Keep up with a workout routine. While I might not get in as frequent or as long of workouts as I do when I’m in a normal routine, I make sure to still fit in exercise when I’m traveling.

A shot from a hotel room yoga session in Mexico in June

A shot from a hotel room yoga session in Mexico in June

Sometimes I bust out a quick HIIT routine or yoga session in my hotel room. I use whatever I have available to me, which sometimes is a treadmill, other times is a few sets of dumbbells, and at times may be just a floor with a bit of space to jump around.

It also helps that my hubby is the same way. When he opts to go for a quick run around whatever city we’re in, I push myself to get in a workout as well!

Tahoe smoothies

A healthy smoothie lunch in Lake Tahoe

Keep it healthy for breakfast & lunch. Let’s be honest, I love food and when I’m traveling, I’m going to splurge sometimes. Food is no doubt part of experiencing the culture of different places. But, if I eat a big breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I feel bloated and gross. Instead, I try to keep it pretty healthy for breakfast & lunch, and then I indulge at dinner.


Pizza in Venice — which was even better than it looks!

In example, if I know I’m going to eat Italian for dinner and bathe in a pool of pasta, I make sure to get in protein and go light on the carbs during the day. Or, if I order pancakes for breakfast, I’ll eat only half of them to avoid feeling stuffed. It’s all about balance.


What my breakfasts looked like while vacationing in Italy

Love a big fancy brunch? Go for it, but then even it out a bit with a lighter dinner. All in moderation my friends!

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