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Watermelon Raspberry Lemonade

Well, it’s officially summer in the northern hemisphere!

And boy, does it feel like it here in California! Yesterday I went to the beach for a few hours, and with the temperature hitting 90, it was the most umbrellas I’ve seen at the beach all year. The sun has been feeling super strong, and I’ll be seeing days of 80 degrees or higher for the foreseeable future.

The sunset last Thursday

The sunset last Thursday

I have a non-stop smoothie obsession, and in the summertime, my love for cold blender drinks only heightens. When it’s particularly hot and sunny out, I find the most refreshing thing to be watermelon. It’s high in nutrients and antioxidants and low in calories!

pooltimeSide note: I just joined Snapchat (& have no clue what I’m doing!). Connect with me on there @ fitfoodienicole. 

I’ve also turned my hubby into a watermelon smoothie lover. On Saturday, he and his friend went swimming in the Pacific to practice for an upcoming triathlon event while my friend (my hubby’s buddy’s wife), her baby, my pup and I went for a nice long walk. On our way home, he said, “Ooooh you know what I want? A watermelon smoothie!”

watermelon razz lemonade-4

And I couldn’t have agreed more. Plus, I happened to have a big watermelon sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be cut open. Normally I go for our standard favorite – a strawberry watermelon smoothie – but this time, I decided to switch it up and use fresh lemon and frozen raspberries. Aaaahhhh, this refreshing 4-ingredient drink is sure to be a summertime favorite!  Continue reading

Healthy Smoothies Made Easy with Green Blender {Review}

Smoothies. They’re kind of a never-ending obsession in my household. It’s an almost daily occurrence in my diet to blend up a bunch of goodness into one nutritious, delicious cup.

Smoothie Collage

While my hubby has his standard go-to smoothie (a chocolate peanut butter protein shake), I like to switch it up. However, sometimes in the busyness of life, I feel like I lack smoothie creativity. I’ll get into a routine of making my same few smoothie favorites. Don’t get me wrong, they’re delicious, but I could use some new smoothie ideas sometimes.

And that’s where Green Blender smoothie delivery service comes in. Recently the NYC-based company reached out to see if I’d like to try them out, and I happily agreed to see what they’re all about. When my delivery arrived, I was like a little kid in a toy store excited to see what was inside.

Green Blender-1

The box contained pre-portioned fruits, veggies, herbs, nuts, spices, and coconut milk for me to make 5 different smoothies (each make 2 servings). Included in the delivery is a recipe sheet for those smoothies, along with info about the smoothies’ benefits and nutritional content.

Green Blender-2

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Banana Date Caramel Smoothie + Weekend Recap

Hi friends!

Hope you all had a great weekend. I’m off from my PR job today for Columbus Day, so YAY for 3-day weekends! I’ll be spending my extra day off doing blogging and health coaching work instead, running some errands, cleaning, going for a hike at our nearby favorite park, and taking my Batpuppy to the vet (just for an annual thing)…

We got into the holiday spirit with some autumn decor yesterday!

We got into the holiday spirit with some autumn decor yesterday!

Backing it up to the beginning of the weekend, I kicked off my post-work Friday with a trip to the Del Mar dog beach on another 90 degree day:

Del Mar Dog Beach-Oct '15

I love it at the dog beach, it’s so beautiful and such a happy place!

Dog Beach view

We hadn’t been to the dog beach since the beginning of the summer because during peak beach months, dogs are only allowed on one section of the beach on their leashes. My dog is a maniac and doesn’t like to be constrained by a leash on the beach, so we don’t even bother going during the summer (which kind of stinks), but I’m happy to have the option to take her there from now until June! dogs playing at dog beach

As you can see, there were some happy swimming pups there on Friday!

That night, A and I went out for a glass of wine and some eats before he had Marine Corps work all weekend. I had this salad with goat cheese croquettes that was so yummy…goat cheese salad

Note to self: Make goat cheese croquettes soon! 

Saturday morning I went to my 90-minute rock ‘n roll yoga class for the first time in awhile, and it was awesome! I left very sweaty with a happy heart.
side crow-left side

Saturday night I went out for drinks to celebrate my friend Leanne’s birthday. I enjoyed a few Moscow Mules, which I have developed a newfound love for this year. Anyone else love those copper mugs?!

moscow mule

As any good friend would, I brought the birthday girl a sweet treat from a local pie place: a Magic Bar.

Magic Bar

I couldn’t help nabbing myself an apple bar to try as well, and mmm, it was delicious! It was like apple pie in brownie form.

Apple Pie Bar

Other good food finds of the weekend included basil infused olive oil and fig balsamic vinegar, which I nabbed after discovering a local place called North County Olive Oils next to the pie shop. I absolutely love flavored oils to dress up salads and dishes!

North County Olive Oil copy

I also found a tub of everything bagel mix at a nearby bagel store, which I got excited about. Have you guys ever seen it before?!

everything bagel mix

I think I might start putting it on meals on a daily basis, but I started off by trying it with Ashley’s Everything Spinach Chickpea Dip. So good!

Everything Chickpea Spinach Dip

In other random weekend news, check out my pepper plant! I’ve watched this pepper grow from a tiny little guy, and now I have several other little peppers budding. Having an herb & veggie garden is so much fun for a foodie!  pepper plant

Other weekend eats included these strawberry & Nutella banana protein pancakes (chocolate hazelnut craving satisfied!)…  nutella strawberry pancakes

…and this smoothie deliciousness:
banana date smoothie

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Barre on the Bay + Nonstop Refreshing Eats {Weekend Recap}

Hi friends! How was your weekend?

The two themes of my weekend were 1.) consuming all things cold and hydrating, and 2.) working out outdoors – followed by #1 again because exercising outside these days = lots of sweat! Refreshing eats. Sweat. Repeat. 

My top refreshing eats included the below pictured smoothie bowl, which I made because I was craving ice cream…

Raspberry banana smoothie bowl topped with Zing bar pieces

Raspberry banana smoothie bowl topped with Zing bar pieces

…and then later in the day when I still actually wanted ice cream, I got a cup of deliciousness from Sub Zero, an ice cream maker that creates your dessert right in front of you using liquid nitrogen:

Sub Zero mint ice cream

{Low-fat “Magnetic Mint” ice cream cup}

Yum. Sometimes you just need the real thing!   

I also ate an obscene amount of watermelon, and came up with this smoothie concoction:

Mango Melon Smoothie

{Creamy Mango Melon Smoothie}

The recipe will be posted later this week. 🙂

I ate just a few non-smoothie/ice cream/summer fruit items, including kicking off my weekend by picking up burritos and heading to the beach to enjoy them and the sunset with my hubby:

burrito on the beach

Workout-wise, I had a nicely active weekend outside — just how I like it! My hubby had Marine Corps training, so on Saturday morning, just my dingo and I headed to our favorite nearby park for an hourlong hike. I knew if we didn’t get out early, it’d be too hot for Harley, and it worked out perfectly because when we got there it was cloudy and didn’t feel too hot for her.

Harley hiking with Giants bandana

{She’s obviously a NY Giants fan like me!}

I also did some swimming/lounging in my pool to beat the heat Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday morning, I headed into downtown San Diego for Daileyfest. As I mentioned last week, it was an event hosted by The Dailey Method San Diego that featured barre classes and food/health/beauty/workout clothing vendors.


The event was held at Embarcadero Marina Park North – a beautiful area right along the San Diego Bay typically full of active San Diegans running, biking, and walking around enjoying the area’s shops and restaurants in what’s called Seaport Village.

Embarcadero Marina Park North

Seaport Village sign

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Easy, Creamy Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

“Candy is basically fake fruit that wishes it was fruit and is doing its best to smell and taste like it.” – Cameron Diaz, The Body Book

Happy, happy Friday!

Speaking of the word ‘happy,’ I’m usually a pretty happy woman, and it typically doesn’t take much to put me in a good mood. Let me play with puppies? I’m happy. Bring me to a winery and let me hang out (and drink wine) all day? I’m happy. Take me to watch the sunset on the beach? I’m happy. Find me a farm stand with sweet, super ripe strawberries just before their season ends? I’m a happpppy girl. 

Selfie-June 2015-2

Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

….I hope that I just got that song stuck in your head, like it’s now stuck in mind! I’m posing for a happy selfie in the above photo that I shared on Instagram because I was talking about my secret to fast growing hair. HINT: It’s good nutrition!

Oh right, I digress. So a few weekends ago, my hubby and I were out running errands, and I mentioned that I’d love to get some local berries. I would have made finding a farm stand my mission, but coincidentally we stumbled upon a strawberry stand on the side of the road just a few minutes later (Got to love San Diego!).

local strawberries
I feasted my eyes on the above bright and beautiful strawberries, and I was sold. It didn’t even matter that the guy was overpriced and the fact that the strawberries had maybe 3 days before they were way too ripe, because the strawberry season ends right about now and I wanted the good stuff before it’s too late…. oh, and because I’m perfectly capable of eating a huge carton of strawberries in just a few days (which I did – mission accomplished!). 

Besides eating them in all their fruity glory at 10 pm while winding down for the day, I had a few recipe ideas in mind to use up these strawberries, one of which was a strawberry vanilla smoothie.

strawberry vanilla smoothie Continue reading

Chocolate Coconut Caramel Smoothie [Vegan & Healthy!]

Like most Americans – any Americans with a sweet tooth, at least – I have Girl Scout cookie memories. Growing up, my mom had a similar sentiment to the food kept in the house as I do now: lots of healthy food, and then a few “goodies” in one cabinet that were treats we broke out after dinner some nights for dessert.

Girl Scout cookies


My mom bought Girl Scout cookies, but she would usually get ones that I deemed weird (and that still wouldn’t be my pick today). I remember some sort of shortbread cookie and something with lemon (ick), and then there were the two I liked the most: Thin Mints and Samoas.

chocolate coconut caramel smoothie-1

This Girl Scout cookie season, I found myself craving the chocolate mint and chocolate coconut caramel flavors that I looked forward to as a kid for dessert at night. This led to me recreate these flavor combinations in smoothie form (this naturally happened since I’m obsessed with smoothies!), and today I’m sharing my healthy Samoas cookie smoothie.

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My Favorite Low Calorie Post-Workout Fuel: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

Happy Friday friends!

If you’re off from work for Good Friday, I hope that you enjoy your long weekend, and Happy Easter to those that celebrate it! I am technically off from my PR job, but will be doing a bit of work, food shopping, heading to barre class, and going for a hike later with my little family… but it may be a short one, because I am super sore from strength training yesterday. Yikes, I’m sore! was the first thing that came to mind when I woke up this morning… Anyone else feeling achy from their workouts this week?!

chocolate pb smoothie-7

Anywho, today I’m sharing a smoothie recipe with you that I make all the time. This smoothie was actually one of the first recipes I ever shared on the blog, and I’ve been making it probably a couple times a week ever since then…and that was THREE years ago! But, I’m sharing it again today because the first time I only had a teeny little picture (post here – don’t laugh! I think it was a week into blogging for me). I’ve since altered the recipe a bit and felt that an all-time favorite deserved better photos and an easy way for you guys to print out the recipe.
chocolate pb smoothie-3

This smoothie is high in protein and low in calories, so I make it as a quick, post-workout meal. Sometimes I just make it if I’m feeling like something chocolatey and dessert-ish but healthy.
chocolate PB smoothie-4

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Pineapple Mint Belly Soother Smoothie {Puritan’s Pride Giveaway!}

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Puritan’s Pride. As always, all opinions expressed are genuinely my own.

Hi friends!

You may or may not remember that last month I introduced a three-part seasonal smoothie series that I’ve teamed up with Puritan’s Pride for. Last month’s recipe theme was pumpkin (check out my chocolate chip pumpkin smoothie here!), and this month we’re focusing on cleansing, belly soother smoothies. With the holidays right around the corner (read: lots of dessert, booze, decadent food, and running around like a crazy person) I think that just about all of us could also use some cleansing recipes in our lives, am I right?!

Being that it’s mid-November and all, I know that many of you are living in places that are feeling pretty chilly (BRRR!), so today I’m going to provide you with a recipe that’s reminiscent of a warm and tropical place…. It’ll take your mind maybe to Mexico, or remind you of that week you spent lounging around in Maui, or perhaps it’ll make you daydream about a destination high up on your bucket list (for me that’s a place like Costa Rica).

Mint Pineapple Smoothie

Frozen pineapple offers a nice dose of Vitamin C and manganese and aids in digestion, plus it makes the smoothie creamy without needing the addition of ice…ya know, since it’s autumn and all and there’s no need to be shivering after a meal. Mint is an herb that adds what I find to be such a refreshing taste while also soothing your digestive system. Chia seeds are one of best sources of dietary fiber around, and then there’s psyllium husk seed

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Protein Smoothie + Puritan’s Pride Giveaway!

The following post is sponsored by Puritan’s Pride, but as always, all opinions expressed are genuinely my own.

Hello friends, and Happy Friday!

Today I’ve got a fun recipe and a giveaway to share with you guys! So we all know that smoothies are a great way to pack in lots of goodness into one delicious drink, but sometimes we all get into a rut of making the same ones over and over. Even though I like to get creative in the kitchen, heaven knows that I can get in the habit of making the same smoothie combo a gazillion times in a row!


That’s why I’m partnering with Puritan’s Pride, a maker of high-quality nutritional supplements and healthy foods, over the next three months to put some pizzazz in my smoothies. I’m using their protein powders and superfoods-based products to sneak in more goodness, making my smoothies more nutritious than ever. Each month, I’ll be sharing a superfood-packed smoothie and doing a giveaway of Puritan’s Pride goodies. And Puritan’s Pride and I would love to hear about the seasonal smoothie recipes you’re whipping up too!

We’re kicking off October with the theme of – what else? – pumpkin! Pumpkin is a superfood partly because it’s high in Vitamin A and potassium. This is the time of the year when pumpkin obsession is in full swing for food lovers all over, and I’m certainly not complaining since I can’t get enough pumpkin lately either. So why not incorporate some of this fall favorite into a smoothie?

choc pumpkin smoothie-1

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Creamy Raspberry Chia Smoothie

While every man, woman, and child is talking about making soup and eating pumpkin everything (both of which I love, might I add), it is feeling steamy here in California. The past several days it has been 90 degrees with a strong, shining sun above – which is hot for San Diego County and the weather-spoiled residents of this area!

I definitely will be happy to see 65-75 degree days come back, especially since my house has no air conditioning and it has felt toasty at home. Until that time comes, my smoothie habit is in overdrive, and I’m going to just keep sharing the new recipes I’ve come up with for refreshing liquid meals. Sound good to you?

raspberry smoothie-4

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