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Be an Adventurer, Wherever You Are {Weekend Recap}

I like to think of myself as an adventurer. I love exploring new places (I have constant wanderlust!), doing “dare devil” kinds of things, and looking at life as one big adventure.

Many come up with lots of reasons as to why they can’t travel, move somewhere new, or be more adventurous in general. People have jobs they don’t want to lose, family they’re afraid to leave, and a pretty fixed vision of what “home” looks like. There’s no doubt that taking risks is scary, and there’s comfort in the familiar. 

I’ve also noticed that people like to look at this kind of stuff in a “lucky you” kind of way – as in, it’s great that I have the ability to do it, but it’s not possible for them.

“You’re traveling to XYZ? Do it now while you’re young!”

“You’re thinking of moving to XYZ? You’re lucky that you CAN do that if you want to.”

But I believe that everyone can be an adventurer if they choose to be – no matter if they’re 20 or 60, married or single, a parent or childless. Sure, it may change what kinds of adventures we’re talking about and how they can be done, but that doesn’t make it impossible.

Planking fun during a hiking + rock climbing excursion to Joshua Tree National Park

I remember when I was hiking Three Sisters Waterfalls and came across a family of four doing the hike – which is not easy by yourself, let alone with kiddos. The husband had a toddler strapped to his back, and the mom was helping her little girl down an incline on the trail. I said something to them about how I was impressed that they were doing the hike with their kids, and the mom replied, “We loved getting outside and doing things before we had kids, why stop after we had them? I’d lose my mind if we just sat at home all day long!”

Touché. I want to be like that mom one day! 

To be an adventure seeker, you don’t have to have the money and time to travel, or ability to move somewhere completely new. You can find the adventure wherever you are; you can be a tourist in your own city or town.

Being a tourist in my own city was exactly what was on my agenda last weekend. There is so much to see and do in the San Diego area, and I love taking advantage of it. Since my hubs was off from school and I had nothing pressing on my agenda, Saturday was the perfect day to explore.

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Appreciating Family Time in San Diego {Weekend Recap}

Hi there!

I haven’t done a fun little weekend recap in awhile, and since I had a great weekend a couple days back, it seems like a good idea to share what I was up to with you guys.

Taught yoga on Friday with this view!

After having a great day of meetings and health coaching sessions on Friday, I kicked off my weekend with a long walk at the park with my pup, then made some veggie orzo soup (my favorite lately!) to enjoy with my hubby. It was the kind of day that feels productive and busy, yet fun at the same time.

After taking care of some work and cleaning my entire house on Saturday, the family-filled part of my weekend began!

My cousin Michelle, who lives a few hours north in Long Beach, drove down to spend the night at my house. I made homemade pizza and farro Greek salad, and we drank wine, caught up, and watched crime shows. We both are into murder mysteries, which she refers to as “murder porn.” My husband is always rolling his eyes at my TV and movie picks – but can’t stop, won’t stop!

Sunday morning, we headed into Del Mar to meet up with my cousin Noelle and her friend Courtney. Noelle and I grew up together in Jersey, and she recently moved to the San Francisco area. She flew down for a long weekend, and I was happy to get to finally see her! We hadn’t seen each other since Christmas 2015.

We first grabbed brunch at Snooze, where I had the most indulgent pancakes. They were sweet potato pancakes topped with homemade caramel, candied pecans and ginger butter. I only ate one pancake out of fear of a serious sugar coma, but they were OUT OF THIS WORLD MY FRIENDS! Snooze had a lot of other dessert-ish pancakes that sounded heavenly, including one that had some sort of chocolate ganache topping.

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The Best Day Date Ever

Happy Friday friends!

What’s up for your weekend? I’m heading up to LA later today to hang out with my cousin and stay at her place, and then tomorrow I’ll be attending IDEA World to workout with Jillian Michaels and see the latest & greatest in the fitness world! If any of you are attending IDEA as well, definitely shoot me an email or let me know in the comments below. I love meeting fellow fitness enthusiasts & bloggers!

Farmers Market tomatoes

Backing it up to last weekend, today I want to recap my date last Saturday with my hubby — AKA the best day date ever. We decided to head south into the area we used to live in in San Diego. First up on our agenda was hitting up my favorite farmers’ market, the Little Italy Mercato.

Farmers Market Flowers

I used to go this market nearly every weekend when we lived nearby, and for good reason: It’s awesome! When we got to the market, I was immediately reminded why I frequented it so much for years. From fresh green juice and organic seasonal produce to freshly baked cookies and gelato, this market is a foodie’s dream. Some vendors also offer crafts, decor and clothing. There are even booths geared towards pet owners.

We walked around the entire market, did some taste testing and purchased a couple of things: including the above pictured hydrangeas, the below watermelon cucumbers (how cute right!!) and micro greens…

Farmers Market greens

…along with locally made honey. This is the first time I’ve ever found cinnamon honey, and I was pretty excited about it! I love cinnamon and I use honey daily, so when the woman who makes it said that her favorite way to eat it is on pancakes, my pancake loving self had to nab a jar.

Farmers Market honey

After we got our market fill, we left downtown and headed into the area we used to live in, Mission Valley, to visit Mission Trails Park. This was my favorite park for the 3+ years that I lived just a few minutes down the road from it.

Mission Trails biking

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Dining at The Red Door + The End of a Chapter {Weekend Recap}

Hello, hello!

How was your weekend? My friend Danielle was in town staying with me the end of last week into the weekend, so I was busy hosting and having fun!

Danielle visit-June 2016

Danielle and me

Here are the highlights of our time together:

Eat. I’d been wanting to visit The Red Door for a long time, and I finally got the chance to have dinner there. The restaurant offers a menu centered around local, organic, sustainable & ethically sourced, seasonal cuisine… so it pretty much couldn’t be more my type of place!

The Red Door space

Image via The Red Door

We both first enjoyed a glass of Gold Crush chardonnay, which was so rich and buttery. I’ve been all about buttery chardonnay lately and will definitely be nabbing bottles of it as soon as I find it around! We split a couple of dishes: First up was their vegan nachos, which had this awesome cashew cheese sauce and local avocado, along with their lemon ricotta stuffed squash blossoms.   The Red Door-1We also split this awesome zucchini pasta dish:

The Red Door-2

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San Diego Spotlight on Swami’s Cafe

Hi friends, and Happy Friday!

Today is another installment of my new San Diego Spotlight series, in which I share details about local restaurants, dessert spots, and wineries that I love. So far I’ve talked about Crepes & Corks Restaurant & Wine Bar and Elizabethan Desserts (Note: They were undergoing temporary closures the last time I stopped in there – insert sad teary face). Today’s feature is a quintessential Southern California eatery called Swami’s Cafe.

Swami's Cafe logo

Swami’s Cafe is a wonderful hippy dippy sort of place that has 9 locations around San Diego County. My favorite one that I’ve been to (I haven’t hit all of them just yet!) is their Highway 101 Encinitas spot, which is situated in a great location right next to the beach. This is most likely their first location, as Swami’s is also an internationally known surfing spot in Encinitas. The word ‘swami’ is used when talking about a yogi/religious guru, and right across the street from the restaurant is the Self-Realization Fellowship ashram, which was founded by Swami Paramahansa Yogananda. See, lots of ‘swami’ action in Encinitas!

Photo cred: Swami's website

Photo cred: Swami’s website

Open 7 AM to sunset, Swami’s Cafe serves healthy smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, pancakes, omelettes, waffles, soups, salads, fresh juices and wheat grass shots and juices. While they have a ton of plant-based options, the cafe also serves meat and fish items.

Photo cred: Swami's website

Photo cred: Swami’s website

My favorite thing to order from Swami’s is their acai bowl. It’s a massive smoothie bowl topped with more fruit, homemade granola, local bee pollen and coconut. Yum!

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A Weekend of Firsts: Vegan Sushi & Standup Paddleboarding!

Hey, hey!

You know that feeling of satisfaction you feel after an awesome weekend? That’s definitely what I’m experiencing on this Monday, as my weekend was an adventure filled few days that has left me smiling! In contrast to the San Diego area being rained out two weekends ago, last weekend was full of sunshine, and we took full advantage of the beautiful weather.

Before I get started with sharing it with you, I want to announce that I’ll be sending out my monthly newsletter this week! The newsletter is full of healthy living tidbits, recipes, workouts, and health coaching exclusives. If you aren’t on my subscriber list yet, you can sign up here:

Any who, on Saturday afternoon, my hubby, pup, and I went for a nice long walk in Carlsbad. We often walk along the coast there, but we tried walking around a new pretty area called the Agua Hedionda Lagoon.

Tiger Pose at Agua Hedionda Lagoon

Tiger pose around the lagoon trail

I love exploring new trails, even if they’re flat, and especially when they’re on the coast. I have a bunch of different routes that I do with Harley because I like to switch up our scenery and keep it interesting, and I think that this walk will now be added into the rotation!

Later in the day we decided to act like little kids and have some underwater fun with our GoPro camera. We got one as a gift for Christmas last year, and while we’ve brought it on hikes and mountain biking excursions, we haven’t used it as much as we should. My hubby was videoing himself cannonballing into our pool, and I was trying to capture underwater yoga shots (it’s harder than it looks!).DCIM100GOPRO

The above photo cracks me up! We had fun being goofballs.

Since A’s birthday is in a few days, Saturday night I planned a pre-birthday dinner for him. Since he loves sushi, which is not my thing at all, I took him to the Wrench and Rodent Sebasstropub – a small restaurant in Oceanside that I had heard has great sushi.

Tofu Nigiri

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Dating Myself as an Early Birthday Treat

Hey, hey!

Hope that you had a lovely weekend. My Marine was away for training all weekend and my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, so I decided to spend some of the weekend treating myself to early birthday fun. I’ve talked numerous times on the blog about the idea of dating yourself. A couple of times a year I have a total “me” day, and I’ve made it an annual thing in recent years to do a birthday celebration day of sorts all on my own. Let’s rewind it to the beginning of the weekend, shall we?

Lucille Ball love yourself quote

After I finished working on Friday, I went for the massage I had mentioned wanting to get in this post about recent workouts. It was only half relaxing, as the other half of the time I was wincing in pain as things were crunching and getting unknotted, but it was much needed and I felt great afterwards! I also took Harley for a long walk along the Carlsbad coast, which is always nice and relaxing, and met up with a girlfriend for a wine night.

Saturday morning I went to Black Sheep Yoga for their 90-minute rock ‘n roll yoga class. I was contemplating if I should go for timing reasons, but I’m so glad I went because it was such an awesome class! The studio’s Saturday morning class is definitely my favorite yoga class that I’ve ever taken. It’s a legit workout and I leave drenched in sweat.  I also love listening to upbeat music during fast paced vinyasa yoga!

Reverse Plank

Reverse plankin’

Although the class is always packed, I certainly think of it as “me” time where I can do some self-reflection, as well as practice mindfulness and gratitude. At the beginning of the class, the instructor – a sort of rough around the edges, interesting kind of character who has a scratchy voice, talks about smoking weed, and always wears bathing suit board shorts to class – always asks us to dedicate our practice to someone that day that could use some extra positive energy.

He also always talks about giving thanks for everything that happened that week, both the good and the bad, and reminds us that everything we need is inside of us. Both the studio in general and the vibes from this class in particular are very quintessential Southern Cali, and I love it!


Parigasana pose during a quickie hike with Harley on Sunday morning

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ProYo Giveaway + My Favorite Summer Things {Weekend Recap}

Hi friends!

First thing’s first: I have a giveaway for you lovely people! Remember when I posted a review last week about ProYo’s high protein frozen yogurt (Check it out here if you missed it!)? Well, the lovely folks at ProYo offered to give away a box of each of their flavors to one lucky reader!


ProYo Giveaway

Anyone in the Continental U.S. can enter to win a box of Dutch chocolate, banana vanilla, vanilla bean, and blueberry pomegranate ProYo treats (4 boxes total) by doing any of the following:

  • Leave a comment below telling me which ProYo flavor you most want to try
  • Repost my Instagram photo announcing this giveaway
  • Retweet any tweets I shoot out regarding this giveaway
  • Follow @ProYoTreats on Instagram OR Twitter (Do both for 2 entries!)
  • Follow @foodiemtfitness on Twitter
  • Follow @foodielovesfitness on Instagram

Be sure to leave a comment below to let me know each way that you enter. I’ll randomly select a winner next Wednesday, July 1st. 

Next up: a recap of my very summery weekend! We’re 4 days into summer, and I hope that your season is off to a great start. I’m a few days late in doing a recap of my last weekend, but it was such a fun weekend full of summery activities and the weather was gorgeous, so I can’t help myself from sharing the highlights.

Elfin Forest view-6.19.15

{HIKING} On Friday evening I took my pup for a hike at Elfin Forest, and all of a sudden, it felt like summer had began. It was a sunny, 75 degree day at my house, but 30 minutes away at Elfin, it was in the low 90s and hot. This is the start of me having to check how hot it is inland before going for hikes, because Harley does not do that well hiking in the heat.

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Clevenger Canyon North Hike [Weekend Recap]

Hi friends!

How was your weekend? My weekend unofficially kicked off with a fun blogger meet up in the Little Italy section of San Diego. I had been wanting to meet up with Laura from Sprint 2 the Table since she moved into the area a few months ago, and blogger friends of hers Lucie and Meghan were in town visiting last week, so I had the chance to meet all three of these ladies. Prep Kitchen blogger meet up

So what do healthy living bloggers do when they get together? If we aren’t meeting for a workout, we usually eat, drink, and chat away (as was the case)! Even though I worked on Friday, Thursday night felt like the unofficial start to my weekend.

My actual weekend started off with Friday evening shenanigans at a nearby park with my dingo. It had been raining that morning and was a crisp air, dreary kind of day, but I decided that we’d get outside anyways for some exercise…
Calavera Preserve rainy hiking

Going to a park when the weather isn’t great is kind of fun because there’s no one around. The trails were muddy and Harley ran around getting herself dirty, while I hit the trails with her doing exercises like walking squats, jump squats and high knees. This is the kind of stuff you can do when you have the entire park to yourself! We both got a workout in and I found the weather change kind of soul soothing – plus we need rain here badly!

Other weekend fun included finding the cutest farm just a few minutes away from my house, where the owner was happy to chat with me about what he’s growing, the history of the family farm, and what he’s picking soon (strawberries and tomatoes!)…  Couple Berry Farm Stand

…some kitchen experimenting, which resulted in one successful recipe, and one recipe fail: pb and jelly bar recipe fail

These peanut butter & jelly oatmeal bars tasted great, but the texture just came out too crumbly. I may bake a few apples and crumble the bars on top since they didn’t exactly turn out like bars that I can grab on-the-go. Ahh well, you win some and you lose some!

And then there was my Sunday morning Mother’s Day hike with my little family. We ventured out to the countryside, just about 40 minutes away, to explore a new hiking spot: Clevenger Canyon-9I first heard about this hike when checking out a hiking book that covers trails within 60 miles of San Diego. Not surprisingly, I’ve already done most of the hikes that are moderate to difficult, but I jotted down a few that I hadn’t done before, and Clevenger Canyon was one of them.

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My Current Favorite San Diego Studio Workouts

Hello, hello!

Today we’re talking about the local workouts that I’ve been loving! Recently I mentioned that I collaborated on a new project with ClassPass, which means that I’ve been a ClassPass workout crazy person. I think I’m sort of on a mission to try all of the awesome workouts that my health-conscious city of San Diego has to offer, and ClassPass is a great way to explore tons of studios in the area.

Core40 Reformer-2

Last week my friend Trish and I attended a ClassPass event at Core40 in Little Italy. You may recall me talking about Core40 in Solana Beach before because it’s a total butt kicking workout, and this was the first time that I visited their downtown location.

Downtown SD

Since I live in the northern part of San Diego County, I haven’t spent much time downtown lately. The class was at night, but I journeyed down there in the afternoon, walked around a bit and soaked up the city vibes, and worked at Panera Bread for awhile.

My favorite Panera meal recently: edamame soba noodle broth bowl

My favorite Panera meal recently: edamame soba noodle broth bowl

The event was a combo class – which means that for 25 minutes you spin, and for the remaining 25 minutes, the class gets put to work on Core40’s Superformer machines.

Core40 Superformers

After doing a few of their combo classes, I’ve come to the conclusion that they just don’t work well for my body due to the fact that I already feel fatigued by the time I get to the strength portion, then I proceed to shake like a leaf and feel weak throughout the rest of class (It’s a little crazy!)… but nevertheless, it was an awesome workout that had me working my hardest for sure!

Core40 ClassPass Event

Trish and me

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