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Now’s the Time to Take Control Of Your Health

Hi friends!

Today we’re focusing on the topic of health. Time for some real talk: In both working in the health & wellness industry and just randomly talking to people in my life, one thing that I’ve noticed is that people love to make excuses when it comes to their health. There certainly may be obstacles in taking charge of your health, and sometimes eating well and exercising often are not easy, but when it comes down it, they’re excuses used to justify why people are giving up on themselves.

The other day my neighbor and I were talking. He’s a middle-aged guy, and was telling me how his sister just passed away. She was in her 60s and died of a heart attack.

“People in my family just don’t live long. We don’t usually make it past 60, it’s just the way it is,” he said.

I thought about our conversation afterwards, trying to understand the notion that it’s inevitable in the year 2017 in the United States of America that you and everyone in your family will probably drop dead of a heart attack 15 years before the average lifespan. There is something wrong with this picture.

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My “Klutch Moments” This Week

Hello and Happy Friday!

My time in Vegas this week was fun and work-wise it went great, but I’m also happy to be back home in the Bay Area. Things are finally looking pretty good in my new place, and my next focus is getting decor on the walls!

This week I was thinking a lot about how healthy living is a journey, how it’s about everyday decisions we make to be good to ourselves on the inside and out. While we tend to beat ourselves up over any decisions we make that stray from being our healthiest selves, sometimes we forget to celebrate the positive moves we make – no matter how big or small they may be. It’s important to recognize and pat ourselves on the back for the efforts we put in to creating a healthy, happy life. This concept was on my mind because I was recently contacted by KLUTCHclub to participate in an initiative they have going on that promotes this very idea. The purpose of the campaign is to recognize anything health or fitness related that deserves a high-five, a KLUTCH moment as they call it. My KLUTCH moment of the week that I shared was this:


Once I started thinking more about it, I realized that I had several KLUTCH moments this week, even many in a day, including:

  • Choosing apples instead of chips during lunch at my work show’s convention center
  • Skipping dessert
  • Taking the stairs instead of escalator
  • Going to my hotel gym for a quick workout when I had a break in my schedule
  • Bringing a protein bar with me in case hunger strikes without any healthy options around
  • Making sure I got a decent amount of sleep every night
  • Drinking water instead of soda

So now I ask you to share a KLUTCH moment of yours this week. What healthy decision did you make that deserves a high-five?

KLUTCHclub is a company that ships health and wellness boxes to members that contain a variety of health conscious products to try at a greatly discounted rate. I will be receiving one of their boxes for my participation in this initiative. More on that to come, but if you’re interested in finding out more about them check out the KLUTCHclub website.