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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone By Feeling the Fear & Doing it Anyway

Hi friends!

How has your week been? It has been quite a busy one for me. Lots of good stuff happening, including my participation in a workshop to get certified to teach Yoga Sculpt!

If you’ve read any of my monthly workout recaps recently, you may have noticed that I’ve been going to Yoga Sculpt classes. I love the mix of cardio, weight training and bodyweight exercises with a bit of Om sprinkled in. It’s a little bit of yoga, and a lot of sweating and sculpting. Out of the many kinds of classes that I’ve taken, the one I’d probably want to teach the most is Yoga Sculpt, so when the opportunity came up for me to take a certification class, I went with my heart and jumped on it.

While I’m obviously a longtime fitness lover and have gotten to do a lot of cool fitness-related things, like getting to workout with Jilian Michaels and attend awesome fitness seminars, fitness certifications are not in my usual wheelhouse. I’ve focused more of the nutrition and integrative health side of things with my health coaching certification. While a fitness certification is entirely new to me, when it came down to it, I asked myself, Why not?

I think that so many people are afraid to get out of their comfort zone, they go most of their lives staying within their little bubble – never taking risks or trying things that are new and exciting. I’m proud to be a person that is continuously just going for it – whether that means going to events where I don’t know a soul, traveling to unfamiliar places (my favorite way to get out of my comfort zone!), interviewing for jobs that are totally out of my usual realm (and then sometimes getting them!), or doing something new like getting a fitness certification.

When it comes down to it, if you want to lead a life that’s full of growth and excitement, you’ve got to feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear-based living is what leads to stagnation, and when you think about it, if you’re not going forward, you’re really going backwards.

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My First Yoga Sculpt Experience

Hi friends!

A couple of weeks ago I talked about heated workouts, and I shared with you all that I’m not the biggest fan of them due to me being a baby about super warm rooms. Well, after publishing that post, I wound up using the last of my 5-class pass at that gym to try out one more heated workout: yoga sculpt!



I really only wound up doing the class because I really wanted to try yoga sculpt, and the gym only offers the class in heated rooms… so I found myself back in a sauna-like room working out once more!

I discovered 2 things from taking the class: 1.) Yoga sculpt is fabulous, and 2.) I don’t mind heated rooms if they’re under a certain temperature. The instructor had the room at 85 degrees with 65 percent humidity, and I actually didn’t feel like I was going to die. She said that she finds if the room is too warm, participants fatigue more easily and don’t seem to get as good of a workout, so she likes to keep it just moderately warm. Amen to that!

Yoga Sculpt-1

I love practicing yoga and enjoy strength training + cardio classes. Since yoga sculpt combines cardio, yoga, plyometrics, and weight-lifting all together, I figured I would like it. But I didn’t like it… I loved it! I found that the class zoomed by and it was a great, challenging yet also kind of relaxing workout.

We began the class practicing vinyasa flow for a bit, then moved on to a full-body toning routine using light dumbbells, a band and block. If you think 5- and 8-lb weights are easy breezy to workout with, try using them for 45 minutes straight! I definitely felt the burn during the class. We finished the class with a couple minutes of abdominal exercises.

Yoga Sculpt-3

I have to say, I thought that the class would incorporate a bit more yoga. I’m not sure if all yoga sculpt classes are designed this way, or if the instructor I had just likes to emphasize the strength training aspects of the workout regimen more. I think I would have liked the class even more if we ended with some more yoga practice.

The cool part about yoga sculpt is that it takes a high energy, calorie burning approach to a typical vinyasa yoga class. For me, it was a nice combo in feeling like I got a sweaty, heart pounding workout in, while also stretching out with some yoga poses. If you’re looking to start doing more yoga but really prefer higher intensity workouts, yoga sculpt is definitely for you!

Have you ever tried yoga sculpt? Do you prefer higher intensity or lower impact workouts?