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3 At-Home Kickboxing Workouts to Try

Out of all of the workouts that I enjoy doing, boxing is high up on my list of favorites. I just love the intensity and how fast-paced it is. I’ve gone to a few boxing classes at a Title Boxing Club near me recently, and boy are they tough. After the last one I went to, my abs, glutes, and shoulders were sore for a good three days. Every time I laughed or sneezed my mid section would be hurting!

San Diego area readers, I’ve been booking my classes through the Lymber Fitness app – which lets you book classes for a variety of workouts at studios in the area without memberships. It’s great for exercisers like me that like to switch it up a lot! If you’re interested in trying the app out, you can use the code NICOLELYMB-1-21 to get $5 off your first class.

While I love the intensity and hardcore calories burned that a sweat session of hitting the heavy bag brings, I also like doing boxing workouts at home sometimes – especially when I’m crunched for time and am squeezing in a workout in between meetings. Walking into my workout room to sweat it out beats sitting in rush hour traffic to get to a class some days!

That’s why today I wanted to share 3 of my favorite at-home kickboxing workouts. These are workouts that I do all the time in my house, or during weeks like this one where I’m traveling. I’m staying at my parents’ house on the east coast this week, so instead I’m kickboxing in their living room with an audience of family Pit bulls and cats, who like to sit 2.5 inches from where I’m kicking, and also sometimes my nephews, who join in by jumping around and busting out moves of their own. 😉

1.) 30-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout with Natalie Yco. This half-hour workout is a great calorie burner and I’ve done it many, many times. Any Jillian Michaels’ DVD fanatics may recognize Natalie as one of the fitness models from a few of her workouts. The workout is done with a jump rope, but I usually just do my own cardio moves instead – such as jumping jacks, lateral hops, squats, etc.

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ClassPass: A Great Fit for the Hyperactive Exerciser (Like Myself)

When people ask me what workouts I typically do, I usually rattle off a list of things: hiking, kickboxing, cycling, strength training, yoga, rowing, barre, and so on. I usually follow it up by saying something along the lines of, “I do a lot of different regimens, but I’m not really an expert at any of them.”


It’s true, I’ve never been into just doing one type of workout. I know that lots of people are strictly runners, or are amazing yogis and that’s their signature regimen, or wherever their fitness passion may lie, but for me, I’ve always wanted to do a bit of everything. I call it exercise ADD, and I figure that as long as I’m moving, it’s good for my body and soul to keep switching it up.

ClassPass San Diego

Over the past month, I’ve been trying out ClassPass. You can check out my full intro to ClassPass here, but the overall gist is that it’s a program that just hit San Diego last month that allows members to schedule classes at lots of different nearby studios. I’ve found that for fellow fitness lovers who enjoy variety, ClassPass is a great option.

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