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Three Sisters Waterfall Hike + An Afternoon of Wine in Temecula {Weekend Recap}

Hi friends!

Hope that your week is off to a nice start! Did you have Monday off of work for Presidents Day? I had off from my publicist job, and actually didn’t do work for any of my jobs whatsoever. I think I only answered one email the entire day, which was nice! My long weekend was a great one, so today I’m rewinding it back a few days.

On Saturday while my hubby studied for an MBA exam all day, I took care of a lot of freelance & blogging stuff. I also ran a couple of errands, including a trip to Michaels to pick up a frame for a new addition to my travel-themed workout room.

The artist of this San Diego Modern Map Art was nice enough to send me a print, and I think it goes perfectly in my workout room. The room is full of canvas art and memorabilia of my travels, and now I have art in there of my current beloved city, San Diego!

Sunday first thing, I took my pup for a long walk along the coast on what was a misty morning. Afterwards, I got ready for the day & prepped some food for a picnic we were planning on having in Temecula wine country. I made Greek pasta salad and packed some healthy snacks, including hummus with carrots, apple and chickpea crackers.

We headed out to Temecula to meet up with my cousin Michelle and her boyfriend. Michelle’s birthday is coming up, so we had a celebratory afternoon together sipping wine and hanging out. First up, we stopped at Weins Cellars. Known for their big reds, Weins has a great outdoor area to picnic at, so after we tasted there, we nabbed a bottle and ate outside.

Afterwards, we headed over to Lorimar Winery, where my cousin is a wine member. I’ve been to Lorimar a few times recently, and they seem to always have interesting red blends on their tasting menu. Lorimar also has a great outdoor space for hanging out, along with a food truck if you’re hungry & live music on the weekends.

We had a lot of fun relaxing in Temecula, but then again I always enjoy myself in wine country. I mean what’s not to love? Even during this time of the year when the vineyards are looking scarce and the weather can be on the chillier side, Temecula always proves to be a great time.

Hydrating with pHenOH 7.4

After a laid-back, wine-filled Sunday, my Monday off went in a different direction. After taking my pup to the dog park for some playtime, Adam and I headed out to the California countryside to the town of Descansco for a hike to Three Sisters Waterfalls.

This was only my second time doing this hike. The other time I did it was almost exactly four years ago, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. The other time I visited Three Sisters, the San Diego area was in a serious drought, whereas this time, we’ve gotten a ton of rain lately. I had high hopes for raging waterfalls, and I was not disappointed!

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My First USC Football Game + Girls’ Wine Day in Temecula {Weekend Recap!}

Hi friends!

USC game-3

My view for last weekend’s USC vs. Utah football game

Hope that you all had a great weekend. Mine was a really awesome one! My friend Danielle was in town for a few days, and we had a blast catching up. After picking her up from the airport on Friday night, the weekend kicked off with me showing her my house for the first time and catching up over a glass of wine and freshly baked pumpkin banana bread.

pumpkin banana bread

Saturday morning I gave my friend a taste of my life. First up, we got up nice and early for my favorite yoga class: a rock ‘n roll flow class at Black Sheep Yoga.

yoga sign

After 90 minutes of sweating, stretching, balancing, vinyasa flowing, and finishing in Savasana, we left feeling amazing. Afterwards we grabbed acai bowls in Carlsbad, and then we walked around town and on the beach for a bit before heading back to get ready for the next part of our day.

acai bowls

side plank on the beach

Next up was a fun evening full of football! Danielle, my hubby, and I headed up to the LA area for our very first USC football game. We met up with my cousin Michelle, and the four of us had a blast cheering on USC – who upset a #3 ranked Utah team. It was awesome!

USC game

Sometimes I wish I had gone to a big football college since I’m such a big football fan… but then again, college is where I met my hubby, so no complaints here about my alma mater! Everything works out the way it does for a reason right?

USC game-2

When I asked Danielle what she really wanted to do while in town, her immediate response was, “Wine country please!” So on Sunday, we journeyed over to Temecula for a girls’ wine tasting day.

Leoness Winery-4

First up was a tour and tasting at Leoness Cellars – a winery I had never been to before but had heard great things about.

Leoness Winery-2

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Anniversary Celebration in Temecula Wine Country

Hey friends!

Lundberg Farms sushi rice field

Lundberg Farms sushi rice field

Long time no talk – I’ve had a crazy last few weeks, with short, super busy work weeks and blogger event travel two weeks in a row! Lundberg Farms invited me to a wonderful blogger event in Northern California last week – much more about my trip to come later on this week! – and after I flew back from Sacremento to Los Angeles, then drove back home to San Diego, it was time for more fun: anniversary celebrations!

A pic from our anniversary trip last year

A pic from our anniversary trip last year

October 2nd marked 6 blissful years of marriage to A. My how time flies when you’re married to your best friend whose an awesome partner in life! 🙂 You may remember that last year to celebrate the occasion, we went on the craziest endurance challenge of my life thus far hiking and camping around Catalina Island (You can check out a recap of that shenanigans here!). We hiked 23 miles one of the days during that trip, and while it was a very memorable adventure, this year we decided to celebrate our anniversary with something a little more low-key: relaxing in wine country!

Sunday morning we headed off to Temecula for a day of wine tasting. While we’ve visited the small Southern California wine region a handful of times, we hadn’t been to Temecula since moving back to the area last year.

Temecula car selfie

We started off our day at Wiens Family Cellars – the self-proclaimed “Home of Big Reds” in Temecula. After tasting a lot of the wines on their tasting menu, I understood the winery’s tagline. Its bold reds offered something for a variety of palates, with everything from a number of cabernet sauvignons to try to their “Crowded” blend consisting of 7 or 8 varietals coming together for an oaky, smooth wine. I loved a few of their Reserve reds, but unfortunately they were a little too pricey for us (I just can’t justify spending $95 on a bottle!).

Wiens Winery

The Wiens employee that helped us was really informative and friendly. She definitely knew her stuff about Wiens and wine in general, which I always really appreciate since I like to really find out a lot about the wine I’m tasting. Overall we had a great winery experience there, and it was our favorite visit of the day.

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An Afternoon of Wine Tasting

Yesterday afternoon my hubby and I headed up to Temecula, the wine region closest to us in San Diego. I’ve been to Temecula a few times this year while Adam was deployed, but we haven’t been up there together since last year, when we spent a night there over Thanksgiving weekend.

Wine tasting in Temecula last year

I had a Groupon deal at one winery, and we had free tickets for a tasting and bottle at another, so we thought it was a perfect, cheap chance to take a break from our normal weekend hustle & bustle and do some wine drinking and relaxing. It was a beautiful day outside, and the wineries looked so pretty all decked out for the holidays. The best part was that we hung out at a winery that was showing the NY Giants game – getting to drink wine while watching my team play (and kick some major ass!)? Pretty awesome! Usually wineries don’t show games so it was a nice surprise. Here are a few photos from the day:

The only bad thing about wine tasting on a Sunday was waking up on Monday morning not very refreshed and feeling slightly horrified that the weekend was over! 😉

”Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” – Benjamin Franklin

You’re Stronger than You Think

I spent the day in Temecula, CA, at what’s called a Spartan Race. I went with my friend Jackie, whose husband and friends were taking part in the event, which consisted of a 9 mile run with 28 obstacles. The mountainous scenery made for a challenging run for participants, and a beautiful lake was the backdrop for the race. Here are a few shots from the day:

Watching the participants cross the finish line, there wasn’t a person who didn’t look completely exhausted. They had to run up steep hills, roll through mud, scale walls, crawl under barbed wire, and who knows what else. I’m sure that some of them thought they couldn’t finish it, and I know there were people who got terrible cramps or aches during it. But you know what? They kept on going, kept pushing themselves to go further. I can guarantee that every person who crossed that finish line thought the pain and hard work was worth it in the end.

This is the kind of intention and determination I want to bring not just to my workouts, but to everything I do in life.

Us human beings are resilient creatures. We are so much stronger than we think, so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Whatever goals you’re striving towards, continue to push yourself to keep going, to do more and be better. And remember, no matter what setbacks you’re experienced (and we’ve all had them), every moment is a chance to turn it all around.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!