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Striving for a Healthier Lifestyle? Surround Yourself with Healthy People

It’s been said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. While we often think about healthy living as largely a sum of eating habits and activity level, sometimes we tend to forget about the importance of mental health and surrounding ourselves with healthy, positive people to help us lead healthier lives ourselves.

When I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach, we talked a lot about what we refer to as ‘primary food’ – the things that feed you that aren’t food, like relationships, career, physical activity and a social life. Relationships are such a big aspect of health, and they have the power to bring us up or hold us down throughout our lives in such significant ways.

I got to thinking about this topic last weekend, when my husband was doing a Ragnar Relay race. The basic gist is that it’s an overnight event where teams of 12 run 200 miles in a relay race. I woke up on Saturday while he was doing the race, and totally did not feel like doing the yoga session I had planned on starting my day with. But then I thought about Adam. He has been eating, sleeping, and breathing schoolwork for the MBA program he’s in when he’s not working full-time, the man rides his bike to and from work in order to squeeze daily workouts in, and he was running 20 miles in a race in the midst of it all.

And so, I got up, put my yoga clothes on, and headed to my mat for a practice. I told myself to just do it, and while I wasn’t totally feeling it, I’m glad that I pushed myself to practice.

He was my motivation to get up and get going that morning, and I think that we push each other in life in general – whether it’s to workout when we don’t feel like it, encourage each other to better ourselves through education and experiences, or to work hard and take risks in our careers. We both are motivated people, and I think that we rub off on each other in positive ways.

Over the years, I’ve thought a lot about who I spend my time with and how they may be elevating my life or bringing it down. I truly believe in the power of the attitudes and energy of others rubbing off on me. Putting that idea into action, sometimes it’s meant having to take a step back from relationships if they aren’t serving me in a healthy way. One of my favorite quotes is, “Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”

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Focus on Gratitude with a 2017 Positivity Jar

Here at Foodie Loves Fitness, I practice & preach the concept of moderation when it comes to most things. But, if there’s one thing that I think you can’t have enough of, it’s gratitude (well… and love).

Longtime readers probably have heard me talk about the concept of practicing gratitude daily. I believe that doing so brings lots of positivity into your life, and as with the law of attraction goes, it also attracts new good things. I’ve noticed that a lot of people tend to harp on the negative, and instead, I invite you to focus more on the positive this year.

If you’re wondering about techniques to be more consciously grateful, you’re in luck, because today I’m sharing one new way to bring more gratitude into your everyday life.

It’s called a positivity jar, and the idea is that every time something good happens, you write it down on a little piece of paper, and throw it in the jar. By the end of the year, you hopefully will have a jar full of little reminders of why life is good that you can look back on!

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Cultivate Gratitude by Switching Your Mindset from “Got to” to “Get to”

Hello, hello!

Today I want to talk about a concept that I’ve been sharing with my health coaching clients and loved ones this week. The idea first came into my consciousness during a yoga session last weekend.


I’m usually an optimistic, genuinely happy person, but since I share real life stuff on this blog of mine, I don’t mind admitting that I’ve just been experiencing a bit of a down feeling that I haven’t been able to quite shake. When I woke up last Saturday morning feeling like I was kind of in a funk, I decided that I was going to start my day with a yoga practice to stretch my sore muscles and soothe my soul. I did a class via YogaDownload, and decided to do a post-class meditation afterwards to further clear my head and open my heart.


The concept of the Outlaw Yoga meditation (<– which by the way, Outlaw Yoga is perfect for those of you that don’t gravitate towards the stereotypical yoga instructor vibe. The founders are these tattooed, long haired, cool guys that teach with live music being played in the background) was cultivating an attitude of gratitude by looking at things from “got to” to “get to.” The premise is that if you alter your mindset with a more heart-centered approach, you’ll be able to cultivate a constant reminder of gratitude in your life.

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#Gratefulin2016 {Weekend Recap}

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Hi friends!

I’m coming at ya a day later than my usual Monday post due to my being (mostly) off of work for yesterday’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday.

After I wrote my post on 10 techniques to develop a positive attitude a few weeks ago, I started thinking about how I could share more positivity on social media this year. I like to post positive quotes and thoughts here and there, but I decided that in 2016, I will consciously spread positivity online each and every week using one of the techniques I mentioned: Take a few moments to count your blessings daily. 

Gratitude-Deepak Chopra


And just how am I planning on doing that? Introducing #Gratefulin2016! 

It’s a social media movement of sorts that I’m starting to focus on what I’m thankful for. Every Monday (and whenever else the mood strikes me) on my Twitter and Instagram, I’ll share something that I’m feeling grateful for…and I’d love for you all to participate too!

It’s a way for us to share what’s going well in our lives, instead of harping what we’re dissatisfied with. A grateful heart is thankful for things big and small, so some weeks I’ll be sharing something BIG in my life, like my health, and some weeks I’ll be sharing something of less importance, like…. chocolate! And in the spirit of being grateful in 2016, today I’m sharing some things I felt grateful for last weekend:

La Jolla day date-2

My man. I got to spend the long weekend with my hubby – who I am so thankful to get to spend my life with. I was feeling especially grateful that we got to spend three days together since he was out in the field for the Marine Corps last week.

Harley-Jan 16

My pup. My goofball dingo often makes me laugh with her crazy antics, and I’m so thankful that I rescued her 5 years ago when she was an adorable little puppy looking for her forever home. She’s a total nut that entertains my hubby & me every day!

Elfin Forest hike-Jan 16

Hiking trails. On Saturday, my little family headed to Elfin Forest for a hike together. Breathing in the crisp air and pretty views as my heart pumped, I looked around and felt grateful to live near hiking trails like these.

trunk of fire wood

Cozy fires. On the ride back from said hike, we stumbled upon a resident selling firewood, so we loaded my car up with as much firewood as my Hybrid trunk would allow. I just love cozy fires in my living room on chilly winter nights.

fruit & cashew butter bowl

Fruit. You knew that food would be somewhere on this list, right?! I enjoyed the above pictured fruit bowl for breakfast over the weekend. I’m thankful to have the access and means to real, healthy food to nourish my body every day. I also was feeling thankful for my orange tree….

Orange tree-Jan 16…which clearly loved the recent rain! It’s crazy how much fruit has appeared in the past week or so. I picked some fruit over the weekend to eat and share with friends.

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10 Techniques to Develop a More Positive Attitude

At the start of a new year, it seems like everyone is talking about resolutions and goals. While those are great, at this time of the year I also like to reflect on my personal growth from the previous year in an area that’s not always measurable. It might not be something that you think about each and every day, but It’s something that affects each and every person’s life on a daily basis – whether they’re aware of it or not. And just what is this thing I’m referring to?

Attitude. I believe that your own attitude and the attitude of those around you play a great role in your life – whether for better or for worse.

optimist cha cha

While it’s my natural personality to tend to look on the bright side of things, I’ve really made an effort over the last bunch of years to live more consciously and positively. I live by the belief that if I work hard, be kind, and have an optimistic outlook, everything has a way of working out… and thus far, it somehow always does.

Today I thought I’d share some of the techniques that I’ve implemented into my life on a daily basis. Thinking positivity requires some effort sometimes, especially when you’re going through rough times, but what I’ve found is that the more you make the conscious decision to think optimistically, the more those tendencies are embedded into your brain and become go-to reactions and thoughts.


1.) Take a few moments to count your blessings daily. 

Every day when my mind is free for a minute – such as when I’m  driving to the gym or taking a shower – I use it to acknowledge what I’m thankful for. Sometimes I think about the big things, like how grateful I am for having an amazing husband and a mom as a great best friend. Other days I think about other things, like how blessed I am to live near hiking trails or by beach.

be thankful for what you have

2.) Find ways to see the good – especially in less than ideal situations. 

This one takes practice – more for some than others – but learning to see things on the bright side is a powerful technique in learning to cope with life. Things don’t always go the right way for anyone, but being able to move forward with a positive attitude can only improve your life.

think, do, be positive - positivity concept, color sticky notes, white chalk drawing and handwriting on blackboard

Putting it into practice, for every negative thought I think about something, I try to counteract that with a positive one. In example, when I went to a conference last year where I knew absolutely no one and found myself in socially awkward situations, instead of only thinking, “I have no friends here. This sucks,” I counteracted it with, “This is a good opportunity for me to meet new people, and if I don’t click with anyone, at least it’s putting my networking skills to practice and I’ll learn from the conference sessions themselves.”

See how I flipped my thoughts? Next time you catch yourself being negative, try this technique. It gets easier with practice and becomes almost automatic after awhile!

3.) Practice mindfulness often. 

drink the nectar of the moment

Ever catch yourself thinking ahead, worrying about how much work you have to get done tomorrow while eating dinner or thinking about what you need to add to your grocery store list while in yoga class? Well yea, everyone does it some extent. But constantly looking to what’s next steals the moment from us and elevates our stress levels.

When you’re doing something you enjoy, are surrounded by beauty, sitting at a table with your kids chatting, sipping a glass of wine with your partner, and so much more, these are moments you need to be present in. Put down your phone, take a deep breath, soak in the moment, and realize that right here, right now is pretty wonderful.

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Wherever You Are, Be All There | 7 Powerful Mindfulness Quotes

If there’s one thing that I think each and every one of us can do to enrich our lives, it’s to practice mindfulness. Any regular blog readers may recognize this to be a constant life practice that I bring up, because I really believe that living in the moment and appreciating the now are surefire ways to feel happier and lower stress levels.



Today I had the chance to practice at a yoga studio I hadn’t visited before – a rooftop yoga studio and vegan restaurant in La Jolla called Trilogy Sanctuary. I’ll be sharing a full review of the studio soon, but as I participated in a lunchtime vinyasa flow class – feeling the ocean breeze, looking up at the bright blue sky, stretching out in some yoga poses – I couldn’t help but feel appreciative of the moment that I was experiencing.

Trilogy Sanctuary

In the spirit of the gratitude that swept over me today in a moment of mindfulness, I wanted to share some powerful mindfulness quotes that I’m loving. Here we go!

at any choice-quote

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Want a Positive Life? Hang with Positive People

Hey friends!

happy friday

While I tend to keep it light with my Friday posts, I must be feeling philosophical, because today we’re going deep and talking about relationships, and how you have the power to create a happier life by choosing who you spend your time and energy with. Ready? Okay, let’s dive in!

One of my favorite quotes in the world is, “Respect yourself to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”  I think of this quote partly in terms of the people that I surround myself with.

respect yourself to walk away-quote

Awhile back, I made a conscious decision to let go of the people that weren’t bringing light and love into my life or in some way helping me to grow as a person. I think that people’s vibes have the power to rub off of you, whether you’re aware of it happening or not, and I just didn’t want negativity in my life. My dad always says, “You get like who you hang with,” and knowing the phrase to be truth, I just wanted to be a happy, positive person who spent her time with other happy people who were trying to do good things in the world.

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Our Brains are Like Velcro to Negativity and Teflon to Positivity {Self-Love Talk}

“You have some under eye circles, so you need a hydrating concealer to help with that,” the Macy’s makeup employee at the Benefit counter said. I feign a smile while staring at the pound of makeup caked on this girl’s face.

A moment later she follows it up with, “I think you should go with shade #2, because you’re supposed to go with your forehead color. Your forehead is darker than the rest of your face, but that should work.”

I look in the mirror in the overly bright department store I’m standing in, then give my husband, who I dragged with me to the makeup counter before a movie, a, “What the hell is this chick talking about?” face.

Benefit makeup

I walk away muttering that I suppose this girl was just doing her job, although it was totally unsolicited advice, as I was just stopping in to pick up two makeup things I routinely buy. I forget about it for the time being, but throughout the week as I’m getting ready standing in the mirror, I think to myself, “Do I really have bad under eye circles?”

Sure, there are faint rings there as with most of the people on this planet, but this wasn’t something I was self-conscious about before. This isn’t the first time that someone has made me aware of some “flaw” I have that I didn’t mind before that moment. While I take constructive criticism well, I’ll admit that I’m a sensitive soul that sometimes takes unnecessary negative comments to heart. I would be a horrible celebrity for this reason.

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Top 10 Life Mottos & Quotes of the Week

Earlier today, I realized that exactly 4 months ago I moved from San Diego to the San Jose area. In all honestly, I miss San Diego a lot, but I’ve been having a great time exploring the Bay Area and have settled into my life here. Between wine country, good food, farmers’ markets, beaches, and more, there’s no shortage of fun to be had in this area!

In other places I’ve lived, I’ve printed out motivational quotes or written sayings that inspire me on post-its, and then hung them up in places where I can see them on a daily basis. One thing my new place has been missing is some quirky quotes around, so I’ve been checking out some phrases to put up around my house.

I know that there are a lot of quote junkies out there like myself, so I wanted to share the top 10 mottos & quotes I found tonight with you all. Hope that they inspire you too!









Fake it Til You Feel It

Mantra of the day:

Since I got back from my vacay, I’ve been in a bit of a I-got-to-spend-an-entire-week-with-the-love-of-my-life-and-now-we’re-living-on-separate-continents-again funk. I’m fully aware of how lucky I am to have been able to meet up with him during this deployment, but reminding myself that didn’t prevent the sinking feeling I had in knowing I was traveling 20 hours back to San Diego in one direction, and he was going thousands of miles in another. As my grandma reassured me on the phone when I admitted to being a bit bummed, it’s okay to not feel awesome 24/7. So, I let myself be a little sad for a few days as I recovered from jet lag and got back on track with my routine & sleep schedule (well, sorta.. still working on that part). Then on Tuesday night as I was going to sleep, I told myself that the next day, I would make a conscious effort to snap out of it and get back into the swing of things. Here’s how I’ve psyched myself up the past couple of days:

Harley keeping her ball close during naptime

1.) Start my day off right: I begin my morning on a positive note, taking a few moments to read a couple of inspirational quotes. I remind myself of all the things I’m thankful for. Harley and I also go for a walk or run. Taking the time to get outside first thing to get a bit of exercise and fresh air immediately lifts my mood. It also seems to help me concentrate better on work when I get in my office. Plus, it results in a sleeping puppy, which allows me to be more focused as well.

2.) Make a Small Change: Speaking of my office, I don’t always work in it. It started when I got Harley and everytime she came in my office, she’d have an accident. All of the wires in here also make it a danger zone for her destructive behavior. So, I veered away from working in here when she was little and sort of just stayed with that ever since. But, I decided to move myself back into the office all of this week. I really have felt like making this little change and working at my desk instead of my kitchen table or living room couch has made a difference in my productivity. I also realized that I like sitting by my office window with the sun shining in better. And the dog hasn’t peed in here yet this week! So, the idea is to alter something in your life a bit. Maybe it’s taking a different route to work, having a different lunch routine, trying a new workout, whatever.

3.) Make Plans: I touched base with a few girlfriends and set up get-togethers. I love having dates with friends but typically don’t mind doing my own thing, but when I’m in a funk, I like to fill up my schedule. That way I don’t have time to wallow in my pity. Instead, I’ll be out having fun with people I enjoy spending time with!

4.) Eat Right: Shoving my face with crap certainly doesn’t help when I feel bummed. Trying to resist the temptation to eat my emotions away, I’ve been planning out my meals and making sure to eat wholesome, nutritionally dense foods. My vacation food coma is now gone, and I’m feeling good about the choices I’m making for my mind and body.

My favorite professor in college used to frequently repeat all of these one-liner life mottos. The one that sticks out in my mind the most is ‘Fake it til you feel it.’ I think the phrase is very applicable to me this week. Do I feel 100% absolutely amazing right now? Not exactly. But in my effort to get out my blah mood, I honestly feel better. And I’m going to keep at it, because all we can do is be positive and try to put our best foot forward, right?

Question: What are the things that you do to uplift your mood when you’re feeling bummed?

Off to go meet a friend for dinner! And in case you live under a rock, The Hunger Games is out and you better believe that seeing it is on my agenda this weekend!