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The Cycling + Strength Circuit Workout of Threes

What kind of workouts have you been getting into lately?

I’ve noticed that when I get crazy busy, I tend to stop getting as creative with my workouts. And since April was a hectic month for me, my workouts were not all that exciting. I had been going to some fun classes that were challenging me, but the first thing that goes when my schedule is packed is fitness studio visits. After all, not having to drive to studios saves time in my day! I was also traveling for half of the month, during which I snuck in quick morning workouts before full days. Oh, but I did go on an awesome hike during my quickie getaway to Idyllwild!

Wheel posing on the top of Idyllwild’s Suicide Rock

No matter how busy I am, I make it a priority to workout. I tell myself, no excuses! Truth be told, I have exercise ADHD, so my “boring” workout stretch is probably still more exciting than most. I have about a dozen workout DVDs I like, I use YouTube to find new workouts (Speaking of which, check out my post on 3 at-home kickboxing workouts to try!), take my dog for long walks around our neighborhood, favorite parks, and by the beach, and use my at-home workout equipment. I have a variety of dumbbells, resistance bands, recovery tools, and my favorite thing of all, my indoor bike trainer.

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The All About the Hamstrings Workout

When I cut out cardio for a couple of months because of my foot injury, I started doing a lot more isolated strength training than usual. I typically incorporate strength moves into HIIT and cardio workouts, but I started relying more on strength training as my main exercise burn.

While I love so many types of workouts, I wouldn’t say that lifting is high on my list of favorite types of exercise. At first I was whining to myself (and probably a few others) saying, “How many damn bicep curls can I do?” but then I started getting more creative. I used to do a lot more workouts that were more strength-based when I regularly went to a normal gym, so I started getting back to those roots and having more fun with it.

Hamstring WOD Collage-2

One thing I started paying more attention to was working on my hamstrings. I definitely have stronger quads than hamstrings. After all, I use my quads for some of my favorite exercises as well as functional movements throughout my day, but my hamstrings? They don’t get worked quite as much.

It’s common to have stronger quads than hamstrings, but in an effort to keep things balanced and reduce chances of further injury aggravation, lately I’ve been more diligently doing hamstring exercises. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite moves to work the hammies, so let’s get to it! Here are the moves:

#1 – One-legged bridge lift. This move is great for getting a glute + hamstring burn! I do this exercise using either a chair as pictured below, or by using my couch as a prop.

Bridge Lift

#2 – One-legged deadlift. This is one of my favorite exercises to work the hammies. You can also add some extra upper body work in there by doing bicep curls or tricep pull-ups when flowing back to standing. I typically use 10-lb dumbbells for this move and most of the other exercises, but bump it up to my 25-lb weights if I’m feeling strong!

One Legged Deadlift

#3 – Alternating reverse lunges. An oldie but a goodie, this move gets your heart rate pumping!

Reverse Lunge

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The Ultimate Leg & Booty HIIT Workout

Happy Friday friends!

Do you have anything awesome planned for the weekend? I’m very much looking forward to spending it with my hubby, and we have something special planned for tomorrow. More on that to come!

As usual, I’m sure that I’ll fit a workout or two into my weekend… and speaking of workouts, I have a good one to share with you guys today! In honor of me breaking my muscle tweak streak and not having any muscle spasms or serious aches in the last few weeks, today I’m sharing a leg & booty HIIT workout that’ll definitely make you sweat.

HIIT Workout Collage

I created this routine months ago and have done it a bunch of times, but for some reason I’m just getting to sharing it now. Perhaps it’s because I wanted to snap some shots of me doing the moves for some visual explanation, and that took forever for me to do for some odd reason. I finally got to photographing the exercises this week, and wound up burning the bottoms of my feet on my fake grass. Ouch. I’m not sure how my dog can lay out there for long periods of time when the sun is so strong!

This workout combines strength training and cardio, and includes some moves from one of my favorite types of workouts – kickboxing. It takes me roughly 35 minutes to complete, and I typically burn between 300-350 calories doing it. All you need is a pair of dumbbells. I use 10-lb weights, but use whatever feels best for your strength level.

Leg & Booty HIIT Workout

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All About the Legs: Today’s Circuit Workout

Remember in yesterday’s post I mentioned having a great workout? Yeaaaa… this morning I woke up super sore. The kind of sore when putting on a seatbelt seems like a difficult task (no joke). I really didn’t want to skip exercising today, but also knew that I was limited by serious muscle soreness. So what’s a girl to do? Get her butt to the gym for a strictly lower body workout!

Here’s how this routine works:

  • Start off with a 5 minute warm-up.
  • In between rounds, do 5 minutes of cardio of your choice (I cycled).
  • I used 12 lb dumbbells. Adjust your weight based on your strength level.
  • When doing exercises 1 side at a time, right rep + left rep = 1 total rep
  • This workout took me a bit shy of an hour to complete.

Some explanations of exercises from around the Web:

Hope I can move tomorrow 😉

Good night!