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7 of My Go-To Healthy Habits While Traveling

Hello, hello!

I’m back home in California after a successful work trip in Las Vegas, followed by 5 days full of family celebrating my brother getting married in New Jersey. It was quite the trip, and as per usual, I’m feeling like I love traveling, but I also love coming home. I’m ready to be home without life being quite so chaotic as it has been the past month!

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On my flight home last night, I started thinking about the healthy habits that I routinely do when I’m on the road. I tend to splurge more when I’m traveling [translation: eat dessert a lot and enjoy alcoholic beverages daily!] than I do when I’m home, and these habits help to offset those extra things & make me feel healthy & happy. Here are 7 of my tips & tricks!

1.) I stay super active. My workouts tend to be different when I’m traveling. I may not have my bike trainer, favorite fitness studios, or workout DVDs with me, but I always scope out my exercise options. At my Vegas hotel last week, I woke up early to get a gym workout in, and it wound up being an awesome workout (and the first time I set foot in a normal gym in 2017). The only negative to that was that I wound up nice & sore for a very long work day on my feet the next day!

Whenever I visit my parents, I take their dogs for walks, since I’m not getting my daily walks in with my own pup. If I’m exploring a city, I try to walk or bike around. Not only does it give me different perspectives than taking a taxi or whatever else, I get my steps in for the day. It’s a win, win!

2.) I bring Vitamin C drinks with me to have daily. As much as I love traveling, I kind of dislike planes in the sense that I’m stuck in a small space with the germs of hundreds of other people. Someone is always bound to be coughing nonstop, and it’s no coincidence that I get sick only during/after travel. So, I bring Emergen-C supplement packets with me to give me a nice dose of Vitamin C and other vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

3.) I consciously eat enough fruits & veggies. I definitely treat myself when I’m traveling, especially when I’m back in my hometown – where I like having my childhood favorites. Last week I had ice cream from my favorite joint in town, as well as pizza from a place we frequently ordered food from as a kid. But, I also make sure to eat a bunch of servings of veggies & fruits every day no matter what: I’ll nab a few bananas to eat in my hotel room with single serving almond butter packets I’ve packed for breakfast. If I haven’t had any veggies yet in the day, I’ll order a salad or veggie soup as a dinner starter. If I’m in the mood for a pasta dish at a restaurant, I’ll order pasta with some sort of veggies, or I’ll custom order spinach or broccoli to the dish.

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Health Benefits of Stretching + 6 Ways to Fit More Stretching in

Back in high school, I was a competitive cheerleading coach (and a competitive cheerleader myself). I remember telling my cheerleaders how important it was for them to practice stretching exercises often to improve their flexibility, and how I stretched every single day.

Here am I, over a dozen years later, and while I’m no longer throwing girls in the air for stunts and memorizing choreography routines, stretching is still a practice that I implement into my active life on a daily basis.


Some ways that stretching improves your health include:

  • While you know that stretching obviously improves flexibility, it also improves the range of motion in your joints and blood flow to the muscles. This is why stretching can decrease risk of injury – and we all know that injuries are no fun! It also helps to reduce soreness from workouts.
  • There’s a definite correlation between your body feeling tight and tense, and your mind and mood following suit. Stretching helps to alleviate the physical tension and puts not only your body at more ease, but provides some anti-stress benefits to your mind too.
  • Stretching lengthens tight muscles and is beneficial for better posture – including improved spine alignment, resulting in less tension and pain.
  • I also find stretching to be an energy booster. It revitalizes the body when you’re feeling tired and lethargic.

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DietBet Week 1 Recap + Letting Go of the All-or-Nothing Healthy Living Mentality

Hi friends!

My post title makes this pretty obvious, but I’m currently participating in a DietBet game. I figure that springtime is the perfect time to shed a couple of pounds and tone up. Each week for the next month I’ll be doing a recap of my weekly progress, as well as discussing an important healthy living theme.

Summer Shake Down

So what is DietBet?  

DietBet is a game that emphasizes online community in helping people to lose weight. I’m participating in Jen Widerstrom’s Summer Shake Down – whose The Biggest Loser trainer – which currently has 2,128 players and a pot of $63,840! For this game, all participants bet $30 on themselves that they can lose 4% of their body weight in a month. Everyone that achieves that goal wins the game and gets to split the pot evenly (after an admin percentage is taken out).

Why am I doing a DietBet?

I did a DietBet once before a few years back (<– whoa, old school blog post!), and I enjoyed participating it in back then, so I figured I’d like doing it again. Some of you may be thinking, “Why is a health coach doing a diet challenge?” But the fact of the matter is that health coaches are human too, and we have our own health challenges.

[Enter a delicious looking sweet treat…]

Irish Cupcake

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