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10 Recipes to Try This Memorial Day Weekend

Who else is looking forward to their holiday weekend? Today’s post shares some healthy summery recipe ideas to try! 

If you’re a blogger that shares a lot of your personal life and adventures, having a blog is like having an online diary of travels and fun (…ya know, a diary that other people read that is!), and sometimes it’s neat to look back at what I was doing at this time in another year.

Floating around an infinity pool in Cabo last year with my hubs

Looking back at past Memorial Day weekends, I went on vacation to Mexico last year (surprised my love for his 30th with the trip!), spent the weekend with friends during a deployment of my hubby’s another year, and went on a wine tasting getaway to Napa and hiked around at Muir Woods when I was living in the Bay Area.

Wine tasting in Napa, circa 2013

This year, I have some fun things planned for Memorial Day weekend, including a road trip up to Los Angeles for a day of hiking + a vegan food festival. I’m excited! I also will be getting some time at home, and I’m sure I’ll be doing a bit of cooking & baking.

Since many of us Americans will be attending family gatherings, relaxing in our backyards, and getting a bit more time to cook & bake over the long weekend, I thought today it’d be fun to share some Memorial Day recipe ideas.

Of course, let’s not forget that the holiday is meant to honor the men & women who have died serving in our military. THANK YOU to all of our service members protecting America.

Let’s get to the food!

1.) Orzo Caprese Pasta Salad with Toasted Pine Nuts & Spinach. This is a recipe I created for Shape recently, and it kind of screams summertime party. It’s a crowd pleaser, and it’s easy to make!

2.) Loaded Mediterranean Avocado Toast [vegan, can be made GF]. AKA the best avocado toast ever! Perfect for breakfast on a leisurely morning, or as appetizers if you’re having guests over.

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Loaded Mediterranean Avocado Toast [vegan]


While I’m in Mexico eating what’s sure to be an abundance of guacamole, today I’m sharing with you a recipe that revolves around the illustrious avocado, but isn’t really Mexican-themed…

Mediterranean Avocado Toast

I’m blessed to have my husband for many reasons – one being that he’ll try whatever dish I put in front of him.

Whoa, when I typed that I just realized that I totally sound like my mom, who loves that A will eat (& usually enjoy) almost anything. She loves when we visit and he eats her leftovers!

But I mean, what type of cook doesn’t like having a loved one around that’ll try all of their creations?  Even though A isn’t a vegetarian himself, he’s open to trying my many vegan and vegetarian dish experiments without complaint. That’s why when I received a rare critique from him recently that I was making Mexican dinners a little too much, I got my act together and got a little bit more creative in the kitchen. I believe his exact words were:

“Babe what’s for dinner tonight? Quesadillas? Enchiladas? Perhaps some tacos? [smirk]”

Mediterranean Avo Toast-2Enough said hubby! I definitely had been relying on my go-to Mexican dinners a lot, and since we had an upcoming trip to Cabo San Lucas planned, I didn’t want him to go to Mexico already feeling over Mexican food. So, recently I toned down my love for Mexican food and started making more of my other beloved cuisines – mainly dishes with Italian and Mediterranean flairs.

Recent dinners that have gotten big thumbs up include linguine with asparagus in a white wine lemon sauce, homemade pizza and rosti potatoes with spinach & feta. And then there’s today’s recipe: the ultimate avocado toast.

It’s no secret that I love avocado. An abundance of the ripe fruit is one of the reasons why we’d been eating so many Mexican dinners. For this recipe, I decided to take avocado toast to the next level. It’s simple, it’s nutritious and it’s definitely delicious.

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