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The Cycling + Strength Circuit Workout of Threes

What kind of workouts have you been getting into lately?

I’ve noticed that when I get crazy busy, I tend to stop getting as creative with my workouts. And since April was a hectic month for me, my workouts were not all that exciting. I had been going to some fun classes that were challenging me, but the first thing that goes when my schedule is packed is fitness studio visits. After all, not having to drive to studios saves time in my day! I was also traveling for half of the month, during which I snuck in quick morning workouts before full days. Oh, but I did go on an awesome hike during my quickie getaway to Idyllwild!

Wheel posing on the top of Idyllwild’s Suicide Rock

No matter how busy I am, I make it a priority to workout. I tell myself, no excuses! Truth be told, I have exercise ADHD, so my “boring” workout stretch is probably still more exciting than most. I have about a dozen workout DVDs I like, I use YouTube to find new workouts (Speaking of which, check out my post on 3 at-home kickboxing workouts to try!), take my dog for long walks around our neighborhood, favorite parks, and by the beach, and use my at-home workout equipment. I have a variety of dumbbells, resistance bands, recovery tools, and my favorite thing of all, my indoor bike trainer.

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The Work-Off-Those-Holiday-Treats Cardio Workout

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and to be faced with many options of sweets and treats to enjoy! I’m all for indulging in moderation, but to avoid weight gain and feeling low-energy during the holidays, I try to offset those extra drinks, desserts, and heavier food than I usually eat by making sure to fit my workouts in. In the spirit of active living throughout the holidays, today I’m sharing a workout that you can do whenever, wherever – no equipment required.

balance quote

I laughed a little when I titled today’s workout, because I don’t really like when the instructors at this barre studio I take classes at from time to time make comments about ‘working off that drink/dessert/bread you had last night.’ I workout because it makes me feel strong, healthy, and happy, and that’s what I like my focus to be on during exercise – not equaling out a glass of wine that I enjoyed a few hours earlier.

When I Move-quote

However, while it’s not healthy to obsessively focus on canceling out a particular indulgence with a workout, the fact is that exercising does give you the ability to offset some of those excess calories. I’d much rather enjoy my holiday favorites like red wine and chocolate cream puffs and make sure to squeeze in workouts, rather than deprive myself.

So without further adieu, here is a holiday workout that focuses on basic cardio moves and some core work. It can be done anywhere, and I’m bound to do this workout at my parents’, father-in-law’s or mother-in-law’s houses while I’m back in Jersey for Christmas!

Holiday 2015 workout-2

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Fit Tip Tuesday: The Tush Toner Workout

Fit Tip Tuesday is back this week on Foodie Loves Fitness! Thanks to the lovely Lisa at The Skinny on Health for hosting this party, where us healthy living bloggers “get together” to discuss our tips for a fit life.
Fit Tip Tuesday Button

I realized that I haven’t posted a workout lately, so I thought that this Fit Tip Tuesday was the perfect opportunity to share one. I created this circuit workout in a cardio-muscle strengthening-abdominal toning format. It’s geared specifically to the booty and legs, with some ab moves and arm toning exercises incorporated as well. The gist of it:

  • The workout consists of 4 circuit rounds.
  • I biked for my cardio, but you can really do any form of cardio that you like for each round.
  • During the cardio portions, I target my heart rate between 140-160.
  • Besides the bike/other cardio machine, you’ll need 15 lb. dumbbells (you can use heavier/lighter weights to adjust to your ability) and a stability ball.

Tush Toner

With a short warm up and stretching cool down, this workout took me about 50 minutes, and I burned about 450 calories.

Here are some explanations of moves included:

Question: What’s your favorite leg/booty exercise? 

Lately I’ve been loving working out my legs, and I tend to do a ton of squat moves!

Work it Out Wednesday: The Warm Me Up Winter Workout

There are a lot of w’s in my post title huh? Apparently I’m in the mood for a good alliteration this evening!

Today I had a little “me” time and got a massage and a manicure. Thanks to Groupon, my hour-long deep tissue massage was only $25…how can you not love that right?!

Since I knew I wouldn’t feel like working out or have time to after my couple hours of pampering, I planned on doing a workout first thing in the morning so I could still fit exercise time in for the day. I rolled out of bed this morning and first did my favorite YouTube AM yoga video:

I’ve followed this video a bunch of times, and I always feel so stretched out and ready for the day after it!


Harley moved her blanket to be right on top of my yoga mat, and then she proceeded to just curl up and stare at me for my entire yoga session. Just the usual shenanigans in my house!

After yoga, I jumped around and did the workout below. It took me 20 minutes to complete, and according to my heart rate monitor, I burned 150 calories.

Warm Me Up Workout-12.11.13

Since it has been so chilly in the Bay Area lately, I’ve really been enjoying sweating during my workouts and getting my body warmed up – hence the workout title. Exercising has felt even better than usual, and my workouts have been rocking lately!

Question: What time of the day do you usually exercise?