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Chocolate Chip Cherry Almond Muffins {vegan + gf}

Hello, hello!

How was your weekend? With temperatures in the 80s, mine was a summery few days! My outdoorsy weekend activities included a few hours relaxing at the beach, tennis workout with my hubs, long walk at the park with my pup and gardening work.

Snacking on a Zing bar & reading a travel magazine at the beach on Saturday

Indoors, I  did some blog and photography work, and the hubs and I watched a movie and a few episodes of our current TV obsessions, House of Cards and Westworld. Who else is into those? We just recently started watching both, so we have a lot of episodes to keep us entertained during low-key nights for awhile!

I also got some baking and recipe creation experimenting in, including the recipe I’m sharing today: chocolate chip cherry almond muffins. 

Actually, over the past week I’ve been a recipe creatin’ machine! It seems like I tend to go a week or two where I don’t come up with any new recipes – whether because I’m traveling, super busy, or just lacking ideas (oh, and also if I’m having recipe fails!) – and then all of a sudden I’m hit with recipe inspiration and come up with a bunch of new successful creations. I love that when that happens.

But anyways, let’s talk about these muffins!

In the past I’ve only used dried cherries in muffins, but I decided to give it a shot with fresh ones, and it came out great! Pitting and chopping the cherries is a little tedious, but a nice way to use up some sweet cherries that are in season (and delicious!) right now.

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Chocolate Covered Cherry “Nice” Cream

A recent study found that America’s favorite dessert is beloved, creamy, dreamy ice cream. Taking it one step further, this Yahoo study also found the overall favorite ice cream flavor to be chocolate… and I for one cannot argue these findings.  choc cherry nice cream-3

Fro yo, protein ice cream, banana “nice” cream, gelato, soft serve, the regular real thing – I love it all.

Last week I was surprised with not one, but two birthday ice cream cakes (along with a chocolate cake as well as a slice of cheesecake – all on separate occasions with different family members and friends!), both of which I enjoyed a piece of. Clearly I indulge in the real thing sometimes, but then there are lots of times when I want a frozen treat, but I also want it to be nice and healthy…and that’s when my food processor comes into play.
choc cherry nice cream-1

I keep seeing so many bloggers sharing healthy, delicious looking ice cream recipes using an ice cream maker, and I get a little sad because I don’t (yet) own one myself. So instead, I figure out frozen treat concoctions to make at home using just my food processor, like this dark chocolate cherry “nice” cream…
choc cherry nice cream-2

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