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Thanksgiving 10K, My Holiday Shopping List & Plantronics Bluetooth Headphones Review

Happy weekend everyone!

Since I was MIA over Thanksgiving, here I am chatting with you all on a Saturday evening, which is a rare occasion! Let’s back it up a few days, shall we?

Late afternoon on Wednesday I drove up to Long Beach to my cousin’s house. We had plans to do a 10K on Thanksgiving morning, and spent our night hanging out and having dinner and drinks at The Yard House:

Yard House Collage

Anyone who read my recent 5K recap is probably thinking, “What? A 10K? Wasn’t she just saying that she doesn’t enjoy running?”

Long Beach Turkey Trot-1

Well, we actually just walked the 10K charity race, and it was great! It was right along the beach on a gorgeous day. I felt like I got some good low-impact exercise in, plus my calf and foot weren’t bothering me as they do with running.

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Currently Loving | Thanksgiving Edition

Hi friends!

Are my American readers excited for Thanksgiving? I have some fun plans lined up and am very much looking forward to them! And a 4-day weekend?! Weeeee! I have a few things on my to-do list, including studying for and taking my final exam for my nutrition school and painting my backyard fence with my hubby, and I’m definitely happy that I don’t have to cram things into 2 days. Instead I have 4 glorious days to both relax & enjoy life and be productive!

Give Thanks quote

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and acknowledging the things big and small that we’re grateful for, today I’m doing a post about stuff I’m currently loving. Let’s get to it:

pumpkin pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes – Naturally I’m starting off with food! Autumn is the time for all things pumpkin, and lately I’ve been into pumpkin pancakes – mostly with chocolate chips. Pumpkin & chocolate is such a heavenly combo.

Sirius Pop 2K – When I got my new car last month, it came with free Sirius XM radio for awhile, and I am obsessed with this one station called Pop 2K. They continuously play all of the top hits from 2000-2010, and in my opinion it’s nothing short of amazing. The music goes from Jay-Z and Ludacris to old school Christina Aguilera and Fall Out Boy. I jam out every time I’m in the car, and whenever my hubby is with me, I’m pretty sure he wants to kill me for knowing every.single.word to every rap song made in that decade. It’s a hidden talent of mine really!

Candy Cane tea

TJ’s Candy Cane Tea – In a word, this tea is awesome. It’s perfect for when you’re craving a little something sweet but aren’t actually hungry at all.

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ClassPass Hits San Diego

Hello, hello!

Many of you know this since I talk about it all the time, but I love varying my workouts and switching my fitness routine up often. It keeps things interesting for both my body and mind, and makes me look forward to my workouts instead of feeling bored. I’d love to be a regular at a bunch of different studios, but each specialty gym usually costs a pretty penny for membership. That’s why I was excited when I heard that ClassPass was starting up in San Diego!
ClassPass San Diego

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Baked Maple Cinnamon Apples & Sweet Potatoes

Hi friends, and Happy Friday!

Before I dive into today’s recipe, first thing’s first: I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’ve been a writer my whole life, and perhaps I’ll be in the right place someday to write a cookbook, healthy living book, or something unrelated… BUT, this week marks my first contribution to a book: an e-cookbook called Simply Savvy Healthy that came out earlier this week! It features tons of nutritious & delicious plant-based recipes (including one from me!), and you can check it out on Amazon here. The price is just $2.99 until November 25th, and then it’ll go up a few bucks.

Simple Savvy eBook Cover

American readers, can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving? I feel like November is just flying by! Whether hosting a gathering yourself, spending the holiday at a family party, or without any fancy plans yet, I’m sure that some of you already have your Thanksgiving dishes already picked out, but for those of you who are more last minute (like mwah), I have a side dish idea worth making as part of your holiday celebration.

Baked Apples & Sweet Pots-5

Actually, this recipe is really just autumn and winter-tastic in general.

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Pineapple Mint Belly Soother Smoothie {Puritan’s Pride Giveaway!}

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Puritan’s Pride. As always, all opinions expressed are genuinely my own.

Hi friends!

You may or may not remember that last month I introduced a three-part seasonal smoothie series that I’ve teamed up with Puritan’s Pride for. Last month’s recipe theme was pumpkin (check out my chocolate chip pumpkin smoothie here!), and this month we’re focusing on cleansing, belly soother smoothies. With the holidays right around the corner (read: lots of dessert, booze, decadent food, and running around like a crazy person) I think that just about all of us could also use some cleansing recipes in our lives, am I right?!

Being that it’s mid-November and all, I know that many of you are living in places that are feeling pretty chilly (BRRR!), so today I’m going to provide you with a recipe that’s reminiscent of a warm and tropical place…. It’ll take your mind maybe to Mexico, or remind you of that week you spent lounging around in Maui, or perhaps it’ll make you daydream about a destination high up on your bucket list (for me that’s a place like Costa Rica).

Mint Pineapple Smoothie

Frozen pineapple offers a nice dose of Vitamin C and manganese and aids in digestion, plus it makes the smoothie creamy without needing the addition of ice…ya know, since it’s autumn and all and there’s no need to be shivering after a meal. Mint is an herb that adds what I find to be such a refreshing taste while also soothing your digestive system. Chia seeds are one of best sources of dietary fiber around, and then there’s psyllium husk seed

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San Diego’s Fit Foodie 5K & Why Running is Not My Thing

It’s pretty easy to tell that I loving living an active lifestyle. On a daily basis I take my dog on a long walk or hike, and do strength training, yoga, kickboxing, barre, cycling, rowing, or any and every crazy workout that comes my way.

But running?

I can’t say that I’m a fan. However, last weekend I had to make an exception and go for a run, but not just a regular old run: San Diego’s Fit Foodie 5K race to be exact.

Will Run for Food

When I heard about the event, I knew that it was right up my alley. Put on by Cooking Light and Health, the Fit Foodie 5K race weekend is jam-packed with happenings that seem quite obviously fitting for a girl with a blog called Foodie Loves Fitness, including celebrity dinner and brunch events, a cocktail night, sunrise yoga session and bootcamp class, and a 5K with treats afterwards.

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What Health Coaching is Not + Let’s Talk About Brain Health

Hi there, and Happy Friday! I hope that you all have some awesome plans for the weekend. I have some fun fitness related plans that I’m looking forward to (more on that later)!

So guess what? I only have a few more lessons and an exam left at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and then I’ll be a certified health and wellness coach! I can’t believe how fast this whole year of school has gone. Last weekend IIN had live sessions in NYC, and while I couldn’t be there in person (hopefully one day I can make it to a weekend of live lectures!), I was able to live stream some of the weekend’s lectures. All I have to say is that this school is full of amazing, inspirational students and teachers. I have just been soaking it all in, and I’ve truly enjoyed my experience at IIN.


In case you haven’t heard, I’ve opened up my health coaching services to the public, and I offer free consultations! Please check out my health coaching page for more information, and feel free to shoot me an email at 

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A Day in the Life + Chocolate Mint Protein Pudding

Hi friends!

So I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘A Day in the Life’ posts around the blogging world, and it has inspired me to do one myself. I enjoy these posts because it gives me a further glimpse into the blogger’s life and lets me get to know them a little better. I love reality TV like the murder show Snapped and the addiction series Intervention because I’m just really interested in the psychology behind people and why they do what they do. Okay okay, I also like trashy reality shows like The Real Housewives too. My theory is that if you like reality TV, you enjoy ‘A Day in the Life’ posts. Do you agree?

A Day in the Life

My schedule varies day-to-day, largely because I have a flexible work schedule (which I am so thankful for!). Sometimes I’ll grab lunch or have a smoothie date with a friend; some days my workout is just a long hike with my pup in the early evening; some days I go food shopping and run errands all afternoon, and then will be working at 10 pm. Sometimes I have more work to do, sometimes I have less. It all depends, and I like to switch it up! But here was my day one day last week:

7:30 – I wake up, say hi to my little family and check my email and social media.

7:45 – 8:00 – Time to get up! I throw some workout clothes on, get ready for the day, feed the pup, and drink a big glass of water while deciding what type of quickie workout I’m going to do.

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Goat Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Blossom Crostini

There are certain foods that people immersed in the healthy living world tend to be obsessed with… things that the average person isn’t even aware of.

Take nut butter for example. Every healthy foodie not only knows about nut butter, but probably has a dozen jars of it in their pantry at any given time. But use the term “nut butter” with a random person and ask them what their favorite is, and prepare for them to look at you like you have three heads.

nut butters

The nut butters currently in my pantry

That’s because they probably know about peanut butter, but that’s all about it when it comes to nuts being processed into a smooth, creamy and dreamy spread.

Foods like hemp and chia seeds are another example. If you normally have these in your kitchen, you’re probably a health nut foodie. During a stint visiting my family earlier this year, my mom was all, “What are these crazy seeds and things that you’re buying and cooking with?”

chia seeds


Today I’m sharing a recipe centering around yet another healthy foodie eat  – the delicate, beautiful zucchini blossom.

Harley's interested in zucchini blossoms.

Harley’s interested in zucchini blossoms.

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Our Brains are Like Velcro to Negativity and Teflon to Positivity {Self-Love Talk}

“You have some under eye circles, so you need a hydrating concealer to help with that,” the Macy’s makeup employee at the Benefit counter said. I feign a smile while staring at the pound of makeup caked on this girl’s face.

A moment later she follows it up with, “I think you should go with shade #2, because you’re supposed to go with your forehead color. Your forehead is darker than the rest of your face, but that should work.”

I look in the mirror in the overly bright department store I’m standing in, then give my husband, who I dragged with me to the makeup counter before a movie, a, “What the hell is this chick talking about?” face.

Benefit makeup

I walk away muttering that I suppose this girl was just doing her job, although it was totally unsolicited advice, as I was just stopping in to pick up two makeup things I routinely buy. I forget about it for the time being, but throughout the week as I’m getting ready standing in the mirror, I think to myself, “Do I really have bad under eye circles?”

Sure, there are faint rings there as with most of the people on this planet, but this wasn’t something I was self-conscious about before. This isn’t the first time that someone has made me aware of some “flaw” I have that I didn’t mind before that moment. While I take constructive criticism well, I’ll admit that I’m a sensitive soul that sometimes takes unnecessary negative comments to heart. I would be a horrible celebrity for this reason.

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